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XL Africa is an initiative funded by the governments of Finland, Norway, and Sweden under the administration of World Bank Group’s infoDev program to propel African start-ups that stand out from the pack and are doing amazing things in their respective countries and the continent. Out of 900 start-up applicants, 20 start-ups were selected. These companies offer digital solutions for different sectors which include FinTech, Human Resources, Transportation, Education and so on.

The event, which started on the 6th of this month and ran through till the 17th, has been designed to give these entrepreneurs the platform to learn from experts and peers, provide them with exposure and connect them with potential investors for their company. Apparently, the event will conclude with entrepreneurs showing their projects to an audience of corporations and investors in which they could get an early stage capital of $250,000 and $1.5 million through the XL Africa Venture Showcase.

For them curious minds, here’s the list of the African start-ups and their country of origin (courtesy of allAfrica):

  1. Aerobotics (Data, South Africa)
  2. Asoko Insight (Data, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, United Kingdom, and Nigeria)
  3. Coin Afrique (Marketplace, Senegal and Benin)
  4. Edgepoint Digital (Jamii) (FinTech – Insurance, Tanzania)
  5. Electronic Settlement Limited (FinTech, Nigeria)
  6. Lynk Jobs Ltd. (HR, Kenya)
  7. MAX (Transport, Nigeria)
  8. ogaVenue (Venue Platform, Nigeria)
  9. Ongair (SME Services, Kenya)
  10. Pesabazaar.com (FinTech, Kenya)
  11. Prepclass (EdTech, Nigeria)
  12. Printivo (Printing, Nigeria)
  13. Rasello Company Ltd. (SME Services, Tanzania)
  14. Rensource (Energy, Nigeria)
  15. Sendy Ltd. (Delivery, Kenya)
  16. Snapplify (Publishing, South Africa and Kenya)
  17. Sokowatch (Delivery, Kenya)
  18. TalentBase (HR, Nigeria)
  19. Timbuktu (Travel, South Africa)
  20. Tizeti Network Ltd. (Connectivity, Nigeria)

Pretty much all of the above companies are leveraging the power of technology to provide digital solutions that would enrich the lives of fellow Africans. Many of the above companies have also been reported to be co-founded by women and have seen huge market traction. In a competitive world, these companies have proven unique.

Selecting them was no easy feat though. As mentioned earlier, there were over 900 start-up applicants. The top 20 selection for XL Africa was orchestrated by experts from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) with “help” from partners like the IMC Worldwide and Venture Capital for Africa. Also with investors from Nest Africa and Africa Tech Ventures and more.

The Partners of XL Africa.

Another proof of Africa’s unwavering potential to be the world’s next “It”. Our land is blessed with talents, innovators and inventors. Minds that believe in a future that’s being painted by the New Age…. I better just stop now.

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