35-Year-Old Nigerian Techpreneur – Chike Ukaegbu, Wants To Be Nigeria’s Next President

A few months ago, President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari passed the #NotTooYoungToRun bill reducing the minimum age for presidential candidates from 40 to 35, senators and state governors from 35 to 30. The minimum age for national and state assembly members will now become 25. In the wake of that comes new prospect for the post of President, a role that’s had old individuals recycle themselves over and over again, all struggling for power, not for change but to steal billions of naira from the Nigerian budget without improving the life of the citizens in any way. Some blame the blatant corruption in Aso-Rock as a problem that’s persisted cause the recycled leaders who’ve spent what seems like a million years in the government have lost touch with the present problems of the people due to their age, in a country that has half of its population under 35 it quite hard for a president in his 70s to understand what’s needed to grow the economy using modern means and ideas that affect the new age.

Chike Ukaegbu is a prospect in this new category of leaders that seek to have an impact on the nation in obvious and positive ways people of this generation can relate to, a lot of new candidates have declared their will to be presidentChike is a recent addition, his desire to run for the upcoming 2019 elections, he dreams of becoming the country’s youngest presidential candidate, he’s currently deciding which of the 68 political parties he’ll affiliate his running with. His story is the fresh beginning to end our terrible past.

For every powerful nation since industrialization, the pillars of sustenance, competitiveness and wealth have been technology, education and entrepreneurship. Education, because it prepares the people to identify, understand, tackle and address their problems. Technology, because it drives innovation and revolutionary advancements that solve these problems. Entrepreneurship, because it creates communal wealth from identified solutions to problems. These three pillars are interdependent and serve as the foundation upon which all other elements of greatness are built upon. In all three, Nigeria lags behind, as it stands at an unfamiliar crossroad of two dissimilar paths. If the country is to be salvaged, then we all need to arise and elect Nigerians who have the vision, strategy and compassion needed to serve and lead the people. – Chike Ukaegbu.

Some Of Chike Ukaegbu’s Accolades

  • Chike Ukaegbu was born in Owerri, Imo State to now retired civil servants. He is a technology entrepreneur living in New York City. He went to school in Nigeria from kindergarten through his second year at the University of Lagos before heading to the United States to expand his education.
  • As a Fellow, he developed the HEROES Model for effective youth engagement. HEROES is an acronym for Heritage, Education, Relationships, Opportunities, Entrepreneurship and Service; six pivotal areas crucial for effectively empowering children and youth.
  • Chike Ukaegbu taught Math for seven years at City College of New York and entrepreneurship for two, while also serving as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence.
  • He Co-founded Re:LIFE Inc, the first Harlem based non-profit organization focused on empowering at-risk and disconnected youth through education, entrepreneurship and technology.
  • Chike Ukaegbu is the founder of Startup52 an early-stage accelerator based in New York City, it’s the first sole diversity-focused accelerator in NYC. Startup52 was founded to identify and groom outstanding entrepreneurs, especially those from untapped and under-tapped communities. Their main goal is to “increase diversity in startup and tech spaces.”
  • He was recognized by NYC’s Mayor for increasing diversity and inclusion in the NYC tech ecosystem.
  • Chike Ukaegbu has been recognized by the UN as One of 100 Most Influential People of African Descent in the diaspora for his work with Re:LIFE and Startup52.
  • Chike Ukaegbu has spoken at several prestigious institutions and conferences including The US-Nigeria Investment Summit, Africa Trade Investment Global Summit, The White House, TEDx, Tech and Venture Capital conferences, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, CCNY, University of Rochester, the Africa Investment Summit in Marrakech, Morocco among others.

(Facts gathered from All Africa.)

Chike Ukaegbu isn’t the only thing that will save Nigeria, he could be a corrupt individual also but the idea is what counts, individuals with his stream of consciousness is the direction needed to actually make a difference. The dream of voting in someone fresh, sophisticated and in accord with the glory exclaimed in the new age is the future we seek.



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