Afro-Highlife prodigy Spl Daddy makes his case with “Trumpet”

Being of both Nigerian, and Ghanaian descent, Joe Samson, who prefers to go by the moniker ‘SPL DADDY’ almost inevitably carries a shared heritage of Afrobeats excellence. Both countries are juggernauts on the ever-growing Afrobeats scene, and as such, it wouldn’t be lost on SPL what the genre means to the world of music. Citing the legendary Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe as one of his greatest influences, SPL has sought to blend his love for modern music with the gems of old school music. The result is a noteworthy new age musical brand. SPL has multiple motivations behind his foray into music, and he lists the musical influences of the church and a generally unavoidable passion for music, but most notably, he states that self-expression through music helped keep him on the straight and narrow.

“I started music because it was a way of getting off the street and also expressing myself as a person and also wanted to share my side of life and what I I’ve been through in general.”

His newly released single – ‘Trumpet’ is a sublime combination of the elements that make Afrobeats and Highlife special. The song features unique vocals, authentic lyrics, pure instrumentalization with the trumpet & saxophone dexterously layered on each other and an unmissably catchy hook. The masterfulness of this track becomes more evident when you consider that his first single ‘Tele Mi’ dropped earlier this year. SPL is a unique talent with a studied understanding of the game, coupled with a background in Afro-Highlife and as 2023 beckons, he prepares to follow up with an EP, to widen his growing audience which consists of people who hold the genres of Afrobeats and Highlife sacred

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