Baby Boy AV Kicks Off His Year With Risk & Rage

Babyboy AV has been one of the heavy hitters within the Nigerian music scene since his 2021 debut with “Big Thug Boys”. 

He has racked up a bevvy of hit records such as “Confession” and “No Dey Form” while notching noteworthy collaborations with Victony, DJ Tunez and many more. 

However, since the turn of the new year, Baby Boy AV’s music releases have been few and far-fetched. 

“I haven’t been releasing music for a while because I have been working hard on finding the sound that would truly express how I am feeling right now.”

For his first release of 2024, Baby Boy AV has returned from his hiatus in grand style with two new singles; Risk and Rage

For this two-pack release, AV teams up with producer and frequent collaborator, Kulboy, renowned for his work on Big Thug Boys. 

“Despite the fact that I have done my best throughout my career, it has not been entirely beneficial. With Risk, I want my fans to feel that pain. For Rage, I started my career with feel-good music, so I wanted to make a jolly song that balances out the emotions.” 

As Baby Boy AV kicks his calendar in motion, it is evident that his fans are the heart of his artistry, and he wants his fans to share his feelings of either pain or joy, and most importantly journey with him through his adventure of self-discovery and unhinged expression. 

Now more than ever, Baby Boy AV wants his fans to feel his unfiltered emotions through Risk and Rage as he rises through the industry and stakes his claim as one of the most exciting artists within his generation. 

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