Uganda police tear gas and arrest opposition MP Bobi Wine


Yesterday, news broke that Ugandan musician and opposition legislator Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine was arrested while holding a public meeting in preparation for his presidential campaign ahead of next year’s general elections. Wine and some supporters had just arrived the venue in the Wakiso district (Kampala) when police fired teargas and arrested the aspiring presidential candidate along with other members of his People Power movement.

Their reason for the arrest was that Wine and his team did not meet some requirements of the Public Order Management Act. In December, Wine wrote to Uganda’s Electoral Commission, informing them of his intentions to hold meetings with the public. Wines’s request was approved but with conditions, which included having closed venues for consultations, and warned against processions and public rallies.

Police accused Wine of “going early and conducting campaigns” instead of “consultations.” Under Uganda’s election law, “nationwide consultation” is allowed 12 months ahead of the official nomination of candidates. Wine has also been charged with various criminal offences. A conviction would prevent him from running for president of the East African country. 

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