Some weeks ago, Bridge [one quarter of the Nigerian Rap Hip hop collective LOS] dropped his first full length project – Regular Trademark.
I’ve been listening to it day in and out for the past few. I’m no stranger to Bridge’s sound, I’ve always been a fan of LOS since I first heard ’10 bottles it’s nothing’ blaring out of my TV speakers circa 2012, it didn’t take more than one song for me to become a believer, heard their unique sound again on Burna Boy’s sophomore mixtape on the track ‘Wickedest luv’ which they all owned the track (still one of my favorite Burna songs till date). All of a sudden they all went off grid, no music whatsoever from the group to the dismay of their fans (me included). Fast forward some years later they all began to reemerge as solo acts with all of them still bearing the LOS tag but with their own distinct sound and musical style. It’s 2017, they all have a couple of projects under their belt with Tomi Thomas, Zamir having quite a handful of records out with a couple of EPs in-between them. Bridge and Bris B on the other hand have been less generous with the music.

Bridge has always been a distinct, distant and spontaneous member of LOS but this never stops him from delivering, creating and producing musical masterpieces when he needs to.
His sound is from a place of pure storytelling about his life and how his mind maneuvers through it daily.
Without further ado let’s jump into the tape and see what Bridge is offering with more music.

It’s only right the first track is produced by GMK. Awesome production, the beat allows Bridge to showcase his R&B Prowess. Bridge is a really good singer he’s one of those few artists that sing/rap very well although I think he’s better at rapping. He switches from English to Yoruba effortlessly and shows his sultry side. This is a very cool song, potential radio hit if you ask me.
[ Is this a love song ? Sounds like one. This is late night whip / 4am feel good music. Couldn’t have asked for a better intro. ]

This is the first single from the tape, loved it from the first listen. It was dropped sometime late last year and I’ve been in love with it since I heard it. Moments like this make me question why LOS dissolved. I would kill to hear Zamir, Tomi & Bris B on this beat.
Bridge did it enough justice regardless, singing “Money no be problem“. He really knows how to make feel good music.

Me sef sabi that babe abeg sauce dey“.
Love his tone on the mic. This is more like it. Bridge with the bars, Short but banging.

Odunsi on the boards, “I sabi G boy wey dey move from Malay, and these Lagos girls them too dey party“.
I’m loving this one, my best off the tape so far, Odunsi is really good with the production.
In this track Bridge highlights the struggle in the music business mixed with the fast life and parties in Lagos. I think this is what I’ve been expecting to hear all along. This is a really good song. Brilliant execution.

FOR THE MAN Ft. Santi.
Another Odunsi production, Bridge’s verse and the hook of the song is extra catchy but predictable, after a few listens.
[Why are all the songs on this tape under 4 minutes ? ]
Santi is also featured on the track, contributing his own slice of the musical puzzle.
Still a good track overall.

Bambino aka Retro Dee on the boards for this one. This is also good one, very short but straight to the point.

YAWA Ft. Tomi Thomas.
This is more like it, I’ve been expecting to hear this since.
As expected when two LOS members come together on a track, it’s nothing short of a masterpiece.
Tomi Thomas with the sick vocals as bridge delivers gracefully on every bar, I’ll give it an 8 / 10.
Genio does excellently with the production once again.
This is arguably the best song on the tape. Everything perfectly executed.

Cool tempo on this one, I’m having mixed thoughts though.
Not really feeling it, perhaps after a few listens.

This is the title track so naturally expectations are high. He’s all about his “owo“. This is straight up brag music!
Fendi, Gucci and Prada omo na my Regular Trademark“. He threw in some vintage Naeto C [ Nigerian Rapper ] in there with an well blended Yoruba flow, Feels like DaGrin [ Respected Nigerian Rapper ] reincarnated in him for that verse. Very impressive.

CASH RULES Ft. Esojay Luciano.
Man like Esojay, He goes too hard on this beat. Bridge with the gunshot flow, he could rap circles round your fave and this song is certainly an example of Bridge’s strong rap prowess. It’s one of the highlights of the project. You’ll definitely have this on repeat.

2 3 ZONE Ft. Wavy The Creator.
Bridge fused with Wavy gives him a beautiful fragrance on this song as he shows once again his mastery of sing/raping. Wavy’s vocals are pure heaven on this track. I’ve been looking forward to hearing from Wavy after listening to her last single ‘Interlude‘ some weeks ago.
2 3 Zone‘ is a good song from two multitalented artists, top 3 best songs on the project in my opinion.

This song brews with a Nigerian element to it. Haven’t heard him flow this way before, that’s why I like it, Bridge’s will to experiment with the sound ends the project on an exciting note.
Sounds like some vintage Olù Maintain fused with this New Age music.

Overall this an awesome debut tape. I knew I was in for a trip pressing play but I didn’t know how good the trip would be. This is a very good project, production is stellar and top notch, [ shout out Monster boys on the boards ] and the songs have mad replay value, but I also feel there were a few songs he could have done without as they just seemed to be filler tracks, but good debut project.
Looking forward to hearing this more over the coming weeks. Hope you have a wonderful experience listening.

Enimola Austin

Unforgiving Times but Fuck it, I'll manage.

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