$B’s Memories is what life sounds like after a joyride to heartbreak.

Breakups are hard to handle for sure, but whether you’re wallowing in tears because you got blindsided or giving out high fives for finally letting go of the jerk, one thing’s for sure: music makes it all better. This is $B’s indelible mood on his debut track of the year ‘Memories’. In between slow and soothing tempos, he’s reminiscing about love once shared, serving a balm of music that speaks to the soul or maybe helps us rationalize away the tears. It’s a 5-star recommendation!

Somiebi Ben-Willie is a young, independent artist by the stage name “$B”. He’s been living up to his dreams of making RbB, Hi-hop and soul music for the past 4 years. He’s influenced by Odunsi, Tobi Lou , Nav, 24hrs and Ty Dollasign.

Richard Ogundiya

Journalist & Techpreneur. Africa, communications and data.

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