Bugatti Releases & Sells Its Most Iconic and Expensive Hypercar Yet

Buggati earlier this week released a stunning, elegant and philanthropic car ever built in its twenty years of operations called La Voiture Noire which also translates to ’the black car’ or ‘the black beauty’ at the Geneva motor show in Switzerland.

La Voiture Noire has an 8-liter engine that produces 1,479 horsepower [1,103 kw] and 1,180 pound-feet [1,600 Nm] of torque from its 16 cylinders similar to the specs of the Chiron or the Divo. This is the iconic W16 that has been at the heart of Bugatti in recent years, retuned for this special car.

It was sold to an unnamed individual for an incredible €16.7 million, or $18.9 million [that’s $12.5 million for the car, plus another $6.4 million in local and luxury taxes]. Bugatti refused to identify the buyer but said it is someone with an enormous attachment to the brand.


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