Santi’s Sparky Video Shows a Tale of Love, Hate and Vengeance


The long awaited video for Santi’s Sparky was released yesterday, premiered on Crack Magazine. Now Santi has gotten to the point where everyone is awaiting his video drops, sometimes moreso than the music itself, I’ve heard the phrase ‘Santi Fridays’ casually in use to describe how he drops his videos on Fridays. It’s a good thing since directing videos is a part of his art and his fans get to appreciate him full circle. 

Sparky premiered on OVO radio nine months ago, the video was scheduled to drop on the 15th of February, but one can assume it was pushed forward due to the Nigerian presidential elections supposed to be the day after, which was likely to be the centre of everyone’s attention. 

The story begins with Santi’s female protagonist, squaring up to someone who’s done her wrong to show her who’s boss; to cuts of Santi and his homies vibing in an empty swimming pool.

There’s a recurring symbolism of Mary and baby Jesus, with the female lead standing beside a boy who may be her brother or son. The beat up girl in the first scene satisfies her vendetta by murdering the boy who is loved dearly by the whole gang.

At the end, she can’t escape retribution as the protagonist strikes vengeance by capturing and reluctantly shooting the girl that ended her loved one.

The snippet to another song somewhere in the middle of the video keeps you intrigued about what’s going to happen next. a picture showing Santi, the female lead and the boy in front of the same Mary and Jesus painting. It’s a nice touch that alludes to their relationship with him. 

Speaking with Crack Magazine, here’s what Santi had to say; 

“Sparky is a film about consequences and the minds of different people and how small events lead to unexpected results,”

“I wanted to do more storytelling in visuals because it’s an important medium in which we can bring out various emotions in people,” he adds. “It was also key that we show everyone’s creative ability. From the cast to the styling, to the cinematographers, everyone came together and brought their own essence into it, and that is the beauty of Sparky.”

Watch Sparky:

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