Canadian singer Sara Diamond releases her latest single “You’re It”

Sara Diamond brings us on that journey so beautifully with her majestic and angelic vocals. The single is accompanied by mesmerizing visuals. It’s dreamy yet very cinematic. Diamond serves as a third-party narrator telling us this love story and quite literally leaving us wanting more. “You’re It” comes ahead of Diamond’s new project and she is projected to soar higher than ever before.

The record is that love story we all want. That fresh love, that’s new but feels real. Those butterflies tingling in your stomach as your heart races. That love that keeps you up at night, yearning for that special someone’s touch again. That feeling you get when they have to go, but you really wish they would stay. You don’t know if it will last forever but you know what it feels like today. That feeling when it hits, you can look at your person and say you’re It for me.

Over the years the Canadian singer/songwriter has crafted an incredibly unique sound capturing the ears and hearts of millions of listeners worldwide. Known for her pop R&B sound, this time around the indie artist is diving deeper, tapping more into her inspiration roots of R&B Soul

Stream “You’re It”

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