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Through The Lens: Imoh Umoren – Trailer for new film ‘Club’

Imoh Umoren is everyone’s favorite cousin defending indie filmmakers all over Nigeria by continuously making films that are completely against the normal Nollywood style of cinematography, with each film he pushes the boarders by creating movies based on issues we all go through but don’t share, putting our pain, story, everyday struggle, depression, poverty and hope on full display taking inpiration from the stories of the people around him and putting his own personal ego and life on the screen as he carves each script as an attempt not to lose his cult audience but push them further into the unknown.

His back with his latest offering, one he calls a ‘more of a thriller than an action, a film inspired by the need to purely entertain‘. This is a turn from his darker films which touch mostly on depression, losing hope, and pain to a more intense, physical film with action sequences that push him into a new style of directing.

For Club, I just decided to make another side of the viewing audience who enjoy some adrenaline-laden narratives.

His new movie will be released on June 1st in theaters nationwide, as we await Children of Mud which is going to be released on May 27th. ‘It’s a fun film and a departure from my previous two films’, Imoh Umoren shared.

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