Deen OG’s ‘No Be Lie’ is a worthy debut entry

History has proven that multiculturality is the bedrock of versatility in music. As the world is often referred to as a global village, more and more, we witness the importance and uniqueness that stems from multicultural unions by way of business exports manifested in the likes of cross-continental features these days and diasporic interpretations of native sounds, often avored with bits of westernization and very rarely, unique fusions of cultural sounds resulting in sounds like 234 Drill and the likes. While people like Jidenna have been able to hone sounds that are blends of their diverse backgrounds and stay aoat in the mainstream sector, others like Nigerian-American RnB singer, Deen OG, who was born and raised in Oyo state, Nigeria are just at the beginning of manifesting an old but now accepted phenomenon.
A native sound, Deen OG grew up on Fuji music fan favorites as the soundtracks of his Islamic upbringing. Now based in Houston, the singer, who sees himself as a purveyor of happiness and good vibes, a persona inspired by his multicultural background, is set on oering the best of both worlds to a diverse audience lled with people with dierent tastes, beliefs, and mindsets.
Deen OG’s approach to creating a niche in spite of the versatility of his audience is drawing on the styles of his inuences including WizKid, who has obviously cracked the code with the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping Essence. Like Wizkid, Deen OG refuses to let trends compromise his craft. His versatile style is an amalgamation of Nigeria’s native Afrobeat sound and his apparent American inuences, resulting in a contemporary RnB, Afrobeat hybrid, one that allows his denitive style to stand out in spite of the myriad of artists adopting this hybrid.
With an Afrocentric appeal and his smooth eortless style, Deen OG is set to conquer the music scene by banking on the appeal and protability of his diversity, talent, and passion. In a dogged way musicians approach debuts these days, he does so with his self-described Afroblend debut, No Be Lie, with the added twist of certainty that steadies his delivery and polishes his words in the song.
An unfamiliar yet nostalgic ode to the love of his life, Deen OG begins No Be Lie by reassuring his love interest of his feelings, despite her obvious hesitation. A sweet and sexy promise reminiscent of Nigerian love songs, No Be Lie can be described succinctly as an easy sing-along mid-tempo cut likely to trigger memories of the listener’s own experience, if relatable.
Without a doubt, Deen OG is on to a great start with ‘No Be Lie’ and if it’s anything to go by, we should all pay attention to what he does next.


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