DTS Interview: Nobody can box my creativity in

Adedayo Agbi, better known as Dedayothesage, or simply DTS is a singer-songwriter with roots from the bubbling music scene of Lagos, Nigeria. In a short space of time, between his 2020 debut single – ‘Heaven’, and this moment, Dedayo has won many, and is currently working hard to expand his listenership across Nigeria, and even the rest of the world.

In 2021, he released the remix to ‘Heaven’, enlisting the services of the prodigious Afro-pop star and long-time friend and colleague – Buju. The remix was accompanied with bright and colorful visuals and eye-catching merchandise. The remix has been met with increased acclaim and appreciation, serving the function of introducing many more people to his unique sound, according to him, it is the foundation track for his upcoming project – ‘Boys Love Colors’.

As 2021 draws to a close, Dedayo, in his ever-grounded character, is organizing a homely event, which he describes as “The Garden Soiree: An Intimate Session with DTS and Friends”. Ahead of this event, I spoke to Dedayo about his career, his life, his aspirations, and all the tidbits in between.

Who is DTS? What does he represent? And why do you refer to yourself as “sage”?

DTS: I try to see myself in a positive light always cause i realized that, that’s what it takes to keep moving forward on this journey, the sage in my name represents the essence of the sage plant, which gives the ability to enhance one’s inner wisdom… also it has a lot of health benefits. The sage is cleansing, clearing and purifying. Sage is also burned as incense to emit positive vibes. DTS is Dedayothesage, an individual who is deep-rooted in his pursuit of truth daily and loves to express his journey in form of art, which happens to be music more than anything else.

What would you describe your brand of music as?

DTS: First of all, my taste in music is influenced by my environment. Since I was little and growing, I discovered that the culture of my music is richer than anything I ever heard. So in a way, no matter how much I’ve been influenced by any genre from the international scene, I’ll always have an element of Afrobeats. Lately, I’ve been seeing my sound as an Afrocentric element but I don’t think we’re ready for that conversation. So my brand of music asides what it sounds like is all about life and its meaning

What, or Who inspires your brand of music?

DTS: I’ve been influenced by a lot of sounds at my early stages in life, but consciously, I remember falling deeply in love with the art of making music when I listened to Frank Ocean’s “Lonny Breaux”. I never heard anything that good in my life and ever since then, I became more and more interested in the artist and the art. It is safe to say that he literally saved my life, because I found purpose through his music.


Barely over two years of practicing professional music. Would you say that you are pleased with what you have been able to achieve so far?

At this point, I’m grateful for one thing and that is “clarity”. I’m very happy with what I’ve been able to do for my brand in over two years with my team. Big shout out to Joseph Usiagwu and the kids from Urbantrybe. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved in this given period of time.

Music industries tend to have boxes that they fit artists into, would you say you have been able to carve your own niche? Or are you still finding it?

I put out a song titled soul searching and my favourite line from it is “I’m into rhythm, still searching something new.“ For as long as we’re alive and we’re evolving, there’s no telling to what we can, or cannot do. Nobody can box my creativity in. I don’t believe in holding on to a pattern for too long, and I get bored easily, so I tend to always want to try new things. So I’ll keep on trying till I’m gone.

What BTS (Behind the Scenes, not to be confused with the Korean supergroup) thing is DTS doing to improve his craft and win more listeners and fans over?

Right now, I’m working on a new project to give my fans a clearer perspective of how they should approach and engage my art. I’m doing this through my music and sense of fashion which is going to be very rebellious.

Is real life any different from the art you make? Or is the art part and parcel of the man?

I’m currently living my truth. That’s all I have to say about that.

How different was your 2021 from your 2020? And what are the targets and aspirations for the coming year?

In 2020, I was this young man trying to come out to his shell and I was so confused and insecure, but my 2021 self sees more clearly and is working on self-confidence and for the next few years to come, I’m channeling my inner Kanye we going crazy with this music thing.

What and who can we expect from your Garden Soiree this December?

Pure talented souls coming to grace your ears with melodies in a safe environment that reminds you of why you should choose peace and love always.. good vibes and great treats (in collaboration with smile buddies). Also, this is my first time singing to my own crowd and it is definitely going to be a very personal experience for me.

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