Buju Testimony

Buju delivers again on “Testimony” to continue an amazing run of hits


Buju is back again, it wasn’t enough for him to have multiple appearances on Apple Music Nigeria’s top 10 chart, he’s currently on a brilliant run this year, with all hits, no misses. He announced the release of “Testimony” some hours before its release along with some bright, immaculate visuals which properly set the tone of anticipation.

On “Testimony,” Buju serenades listeners once again with his silky, effortless melodies as he speaks to a potential love interest, bigging up the experiences she could have, and sure she wouldn’t be able to resist spreading the word. It’s cocky and assertive, but we expect nothing less from an artist who’s repeatedly proven himself as one of the cream of the crop. 2021 has received more Buju and we can’t get enough of it.

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