Even In The Day Party Series Expands to Africa with a Grand Edition in Accra


In a remarkable celebration of music, culture, and community, Nigeria’s prominent DJ ‘Six7even’ has taken center stage with the resounding success of the Even In The Day party series. With a total of five successful editions held in Lagos and an additional edition in Abuja, aptly named ‘EVEN IN THE CAPITAL,’ this series has carved a significant niche in the hearts of partygoers and music enthusiasts. Drawing an average attendance of 1500 revelers between the months of February and May, the pool party phenomenon showcased the unyielding vibrancy of Lagos’ spirit, undeterred even by heavy rainfall, proving its prowess in fostering a sense of community.

What makes this series truly exceptional is its diverse musical experience, curated by the creative minds of the KVLT WRLD team. Genres spanning the spectrum were represented as DJs mesmerized the audience with their sonic artistry. And as the summer months arrived, June and July witnessed special editions that brought together over 5000 spirited youth in an immersive extravaganza, underlining the magnetic pull of Even In The Day.

Buoyed by the triumphs in Nigeria, Even In The Day sets its sights on a grander endeavor—to spread joy and vibrant energy across the African continent. This endeavor commences with an exhilarating announcement: the advent of EVEN IN ACCRA. The forthcoming seventh edition, scheduled for August 29th, marks a historic collaboration between Even In The Day and two of Ghana’s eminent culture influencers—iMullar SoundSystem and Blac Volta.

Anticipation mounts as this unprecedented partnership merges the expertise of these renowned brands, promising an event that will linger as an indelible memory for all attendees. With collective efforts focused on crafting an unparalleled experience, the KVLT event team and their esteemed collaborators stand united in their commitment to making EVEN IN ACCRA a monumental triumph.

As the sun sets on Accra, the beats will rise, reverberating through the vibrant cityscape, transcending borders and cultures. Music, unity, and euphoria will converge to weave a tapestry of memories that will endure for a lifetime. Brace yourselves for an unmissable celebration that promises to redefine the boundaries of musical immersion and cultural connection. Through Even In The Day, the spirit of togetherness finds a harmonious rhythm, pulsating with the heartbeat of Africa.

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