Ghanaian Hip-Hop Sensation Ko-Jo Cue Hits a Slam Dunk with “Free Throw” Featuring Joey B

Accra, Ghana – Ko-Jo Cue, the acclaimed Ghanaian rap maestro, is making waves once again with his latest single, “Free Throw,” featuring the exceptionally talented Joey B. Released on September 28, 2023, this track, co-penned by Ko-Jo Cue and Joey B, marks his triumphant return after a two-year hiatus since the success of his EP, “21 Memory Lane,” in October 2021.

“Free Throw” serves as a compelling prelude to what promises to be an electrifying phase in Ko-Jo Cue’s career, as he gears up for the launch of his upcoming album, “I’M Back.” In this song, Ko-Jo Cue skillfully employs basketball metaphors to convey the journey to success and overcoming life’s hurdles, showcasing his lyrical prowess. Fortune Dane’s adept production infuses the track with an infectious, upbeat, trap-inspired rhythm that is sure to captivate audiences.

What truly sets “Free Throw” apart is its profound celebration of triumph in the face of adversity. Ko-Jo Cue confronts challenges head-on and emerges victorious, imparting a powerful message of resilience and unwavering determination. Joey B’s charismatic contributions further enhance the track, elevating “Free Throw” beyond a mere song to a testament of Ko-Jo Cue’s remarkable artistic growth and unwavering commitment to his craft.

This release signifies Ko-Jo Cue’s triumphant return to the music scene, reaffirming his status as a prominent figure in Ghana’s hip-hop landscape. With “Free Throw,” he not only announces his comeback but does so with a bang, ready to inspire and entertain audiences with his unique blend of talent and passion for the hip-hop art form.

“Free Throw” is now available on all major streaming platforms, offering fans a chance to experience the magic of Ko-Jo Cue and Joey B’s collaboration firsthand.

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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