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Really, podcasting is having a celebrity moment, although the stats are conflicting and it’s really hard to find diehard users, podcasts surge up to 30% annual growth year after year, but on the other hand only 17% of the population listen monthly. In Nigeria, the new FM is experiencing a harvest period, everyday young people from different industries are coming online to share work and life experiences in fun, innovative and entertaining ways. While a lot of people are quick to count podcasting as the new or next blogging, I frankly object; this assumption may be too quick to make because podcasting needs to fight for it’s own share of the 65billion audio sector and you have a role to play, many things to learn too. We put up list of top podcasts –  mostly from West African creatives you should be listening to.

  1. We Just Got Back: Three Nigerian girls share their stories about the joys (and many sorrows) of returning to Nigeria. They talk about the ups and downs of being back, how to cope (or not) and the ridiculous things they find theirselves getting up to. Of the podcasts on this list, We Just Got Back is the most no-holds barred, and sounds a whole lot like the popular podcast show The Read. 


2. Submarine and a roach: This show is about how 2 brave modern-day revolutionaries contribute to the advancement of the subcultures – A culture custodian production, you should know how Kojo, Temitayo and friends go blem. A preferable pick for millennials.


3. Executive banter: four friends who run a media publication come together every Sunday evening to lament and talk about the most diverse topics from music, tech, politics, sex, drugs, arts, events, gossips, inventories, travel and struggles too. Obviously gets a 5 star recommendation just because…


4. Loose Talk: Discussing Pop culture and dropping knowledge too. Loose Talk delves into trending topics happening all around the world discussing Media, Celebrities, Lifestyle, Sex, Sports, Politics, Tech, Religion, Movies and TV, Radio, Music and much more. It is hosted by journalists Osagie Alonge, Steve Dede and Ayomide Tayo of Pulse Nigeria. Baby boomers will find it particularly interesting.


5. Building the future: if you’re into the African tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems, this one is for you. Here, Dotun Olowoporoku (an entrepreneur, investor and growth strategist) discusses with people who are using technology, entrepreneurship and innovative ideas to shape the future of Africa. This one isn’t by choice, you should take time out if you really care about Africa.

5. Wanna Be: The podcast that takes you from where you are to where you wanna be in 30 minutes or less. Every week Imrie is joined by a guest to discuss the issue that’s blocking their personal or professional development. Hosted by Imrie (formerly Melanin Millennials)

6. Colorful Creatives: Hosted by Data Pepple, the show is a blend of music, arts, society and pop culture for black creatives. Good vibes, shades here and there, great banter too.

7. Rants Cast: hosted by Sabbath and CJ, this is the podcast for the highlife urban millennial. The sex talks, the realness, mental health, drugs and pains of the friend zone. Grab a cold drink first.

8. The Other Room: is a podcast that navigates adulthood and social issues through a witty gendered lens, so they said. But i’ve spent some time listening and it sure does what it preaches.


9. I Said What I Said: If you know Jollz the noisemaker or FK the internet sensation, think of them in a dark room, laughing, heavy banter, shades here and there, don’t forget the jokes. You’ll like our big sisters in Lagos.


10. Decaf By Nkenten: a group of four Ghanaian men that are part of the Nkenten collective. They’ve got amazing taste in music and have started a beautiful music sharing and discovery culture in Accra. It’s for the intellectual, music geniuses.




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