Five Live Feeds To Keep You Preoccupied While You Isolate

If you’re in one of the African countries that have reported COVID-19 cases, you’re probably also going through a lockdown which means you’re stuck at home with nothing to do. Humans will always rise to the occasion when there’s a need to entertain – a medium of distraction when we desperately need an escape from reality.

For the 21st century man born in an internet generation with social media as his tool of expression, it is only natural that we take to these streets of social media and internet content to fill our unused time. Instagram Live has become ruler of our attention with different individuals, celebrities, characters sharing with us in real-time their world during isolation while connecting with others. Other Live Feeds and platforms are following suit.

Dare I say we’re giving birth to a new form of consumption with other platforms with the Live feature following behind.

Well, this isn’t some deep op-ed piece about how our consumption of digital content during the isolation is changing how we enjoy our ‘regular scheduled programming’, no it’s not that.

It’s a list of our favourite live feeds to keep you entertained when you’re tired of being tired.

Quarantine Radio!

Quarantine Radio was started by Canadian artist Tory Lanez and it featured him interacting with his fellow friends who’re also celebrities themselves.

The live feed which peaked earlier this week when Drake came on and he reached a record 350, 000 people watching him typically involves women across the world twerking for a cash reward which is randomly paid by the many viewers through the fintech app ‘Cash App’. It’s become a regular and fun feed to tune into.

FatherDMW X Eva Apio

The way these two worlds crossed parts or the origin story of how they started doing feeds together is a myth but somehow the best definition of what sort of ‘entertainment’ the isolation has created, connecting different people from far ends of the world and showcasing it all to the global internet village.

FatherDMW, who’s an Instagram sensation from Nigeria has grown a following for his live feeds which he does with Eva Apio, a model based in the UK. The two have us cooked with their funny and unorthodox friendship. It’s a bowl of satire, ridiculousness and amusement.

COLORS 24/7 Live Stream

COLORS Studio in partnership with YouTube established a temporary studio in London and will be live streaming programs with different artists curated by their team for the next 30 days.

Lagos Fashion Week Digital Presentation – Woven Threads

What was originally meant to be an Exhibition curated by Lagos Fashion Week team due to the pandemic had to be converted into a digital exhibition which will feature panel sessions, Q&As, Tutorials and Workshops with Fashion heavyweights all conducted through live feeds across Youtube, Zoom and Instagram.

You can follow the line up below.


One of Nigeria’s premier pop culture blogs has flagged off a daily live session to help its audience cope during self isolation. At Home With Bella Naija features wellness and fitness experts, life coaches and other thought shapers willing to share interesting and insightful nuggets to keep your mental health and body in good shape.

Stay Safe.

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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