Major League DJz & Victony’s ‘Margaret’ is a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration in music

Imagine a sun-drenched beach party where Amapiano’s deep house grooves bump elbows with Afrobeats’ infectious rhythms. That’s the vibrant terrain “Margaret”, Major League & Victony’s latest offering carves out. The production, a smorgasbord of talent featuring D3an, Smeez, Tyler ICU, and the DJz themselves, is a masterclass in genre fusion.

“Margaret” is more than just a song; it’s a cultural exchange set to high beats. It’s a love letter to the unifying power of music, a reminder that rhythm knows no borders.

Victony, fresh off a triumphant 2023, glides into the mix like velvet over steel. His verse is a whispered seduction, laced with the confidence of a seasoned artist unafraid to explore new sonic landscapes. It’s a masterclass in adaptability, proving he’s equally adept at painting with delicate pastels and bold neon strokes.

And mark your calendars, Afrobeats enthusiasts: this is just the first sip. With “Margaret” leading the charge, Major League DJz promises a slew of new releases this year, each bubbling with their signature effervescent energy. As for Victony, his collaboration with American artist Saint Jhn hints at even more genre-bending magic to come. This isn’t just a track; it’s a pulsating dancefloor manifesto, a testament to the borderless energy of Afrobeats.


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