Meet the Influencers: DIY couple Oyin and Sammy

The things we throw away and count as unusable anymore are what Sammy and Oyin have turned into an amazing craft. Apart from being the amazing couple on Instagram, that give us all the mushy butterflies in our tummies. These two serve us with amazing creative ideas with their DIY videos.

You have both been in the spotlight for your creativity and DIY skills. What inspired you to do this,  considering it is a very new niche in Nigeria?

Sammy and Oyin: I am happy that you can call it a thing now, actually. Years back none of us would have said we were content creators. We have always been creatives even before it had a name to it. It is the ability not to see trash in everything. Everything you call trash could be a beautiful piece. Kind of the cliché, the beauty in everything. Turning what may not be useful anymore to be something you would use. That is what inspired us and it’s fun especially when we do it together. There were so many things that we had done even before we had phones, I think what makes the difference now is because it is documented and you can take pictures and share them. I don’t think there is anyone we have looked up to in the space, not to be boastful but it is a new space. Really! So we are just putting in our best feet forward.

How do you aim  to inspire other young people like you?

Oyin: I honestly feel that everyone has something to offer, for the things that we do now and the so many things that we are going to do. We just hope that we keep using our platforms to share stories and learn from each other, learning from the stories of other people as well. Hopefully expanding to YouTube, we just document the things we have been through, the things we have been able to achieve and put it out there so that people can replicate and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If it is not replicating the pieces, it can absolutely spark up some creativity in them that they didn’t know existed. We just hope people learn from us as much as they can.

Let us talk a little about how you guys met.

Sammy: Oyin is way better at answering this one. LOL, but it was work. I am a radio presenter and at that time we needed a social media manager, where I was working and Oyin is incredible at doing that, she got employed and that’s how we kicked off. We met May 2019 and it looks like we have known each other our whole lives. We have been together for over a year now.

Beyond creating content is there anything else you do?

Sammy: I do not think anyone likes to do one thing. Oyin is a social media manager and a fashion designer and she has plans to push the fashion industry with that, she also knows how to make wigs. I am sure there are tons of other things that she plans to do as well. She is the master of the craft when it comes to using her hands. I am a presenter both on radio and T.V anyway. OAP like people call it.

Any new projects coming in?

Oyin: Sammy has a TV-show that he cohosted and it is his first time doing TV and it’s the BWG show. I am starting my YouTube channel soon and it is a bigger platform to meet more people with my DIY and together we do have plans to release a collection. It is a mixture of both our styles, it is warm and it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see them all.

How have you coped with the lockdown?

Oyin and Sammy: I bet it has not been easy for anyone, honestly, a lot of sleeping, eating and staying healthy. Oh! And drinking water. A lot of YouTube watching to keep learning and we are all being creative with the clothing in our cupboard and that is mostly what we have been doing, LOL we are not married so we are in two different places, we literally just use our phones to keep in touch and that’s all.

Thank you for sitting with us.

Thank you for having us, MoreBranches. It is a pleasure.

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