The Moi Girls High School Dormitory Fire
Photo by Elvis Ondieki

The Moi Girls High School Dormitory Fire

Earlier today, the Kenyan government through the Education Minister: Fred Matiangi released a statement saying that seven schoolgirls involved in the Moi Girls High School dormitory fire incident have died.


Photo by Antony Omuya


However, Authorities say police are attempting to establish whether there is a connection between the fire at the Moi girls high school and the more than 120 blazes set at schools last year after changes were made to the academic calendar and steps were taken by the government to ensure the national examination was not leaked.
More girls have been reported to have sustained injuries from the fire outbreak, however, the Minister added that a team of forensic experts, including the government pathologist, are at the school to establish the cause of the fire for a period of two weeks.

President Uhuru Kenyatta also sent a message to the families of students who perished in the fire:

“The young women touched by this tragedy are the best of us; diligent, committed to learning, and prepared to make a difference in the life of the country they love.”

For us at More branches News, we’re sending our condolences to the families of those affected and Kenya at large.

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