Paz II : Highlight by Kene Esomeju & Gunna.

Kene Esomeju

Kene Esomeju creates something elemental in his new study ‘Paz II : Highlight‘.
It’s a raw view of a masculine african man laid out bare, no construct or angry black man view the world spills on their nature.
With ‘Paz II : Highlight‘ there’s an art to Kene Esomeju’s images which he joins with words from Africans in different mediums across Africa expressing their element, highlighting their humanity and dreams.

Media plays a very big role in writing our history, as creatives and innovators, as Kene has beautifully done, we need to document ourselves in our innate live cycles. There’s magic everywhere, we just need to appreciate it.

Highlight : Be In Your Element.


Highlight : No More Hate

What do we need to find within our lives to be pure and sure we will be free ?
Our friends are dying for their skins, are you better ?
Don’t ever let the demons lead us, we will be our own soldiers.
Do you understand ?
Are you listening to the truth ?
The ones ready are already dreaming.
Represent every fallen man, woman, old or young.
Do you call it a vibe ? It’s a vibe then.
Be the one you want to be.
Africa isn’t a barricade anymore.
They tell you lies, there’s beauty inside.
Keep on keeping on.
Same old shit, it’s a different day but this day we break through even more.
Nothing will hurt our will.
These souls are destined to be set free.
Africa is our kingdom, let’s highlight every King and Queen.


Highlight: Adedayo Laketu.




Highlight: Odunsi (The Engine).


Highlight: Ohigbai (David)


Highlight: Oshogwe


Highlight: SET.

Everything is never what it seems, imagery allows us to go deeper. The images may seem minimal and direct but with words, creative direction and a conceptual idea behind it we can create amazing stories that move us to being more of ourselves.


Highlight: Keep reaching for a beyond.


Highlight: Keep Rising.

The muse for this visual series is ‘Gunna’.



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