Twitter has updated their Terms of Service and people are freaking out.

Twitter’s new Terms of Service will go into effect on the 2nd of October, 2017 and it’s mainly for people living outside the United States. The new terms, however, are making people really angry. Users are ranting on Twitter and someone even referred to the new terms as “grotesque”.

However, it has been reported that the new ToS isn’t exactly new. According to TechCrunch, all Twitter really did was take out a few things specific to the U.S. and add a new European address. So if Twitter didn’t really add anything new, why are people angry?

Well, since the new terms are mainly for people outside the U.S., users probably decided to read through to see what was so special about the terms that Twitter had to direct it towards non-U.S. residents. Then, a user tweeted this:

So what’s the main issue here? It’s the part that mentions Twitter’s ability to give out user-generated contents to companies. These companies can then use your content however they want. Basically, Twitter, according to another user, “sells” your Tweets (or content) to whoever might want to use it and for whatever purpose. Such purposes could be to broadcast them during a live show or in a worst case scenario, pass it off as their own and that’s not good for people posting “original content”.

Another user then tweeted to point out that the supposedly new changes aren’t new and are “standard” in all social networks.


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