More Branches Launches ‘Skeletons In The Closet’ podcast on Kuwasiliana

Korede Ogundiya, Seun Ashiru, and Nasir Ahmed come together to put a carefree millennial spin on serious and trivial topics revolving around popular culture, sex, and social media commentary.

The pilot launched on the 21st of July, and the topics discussed are the likes of #WWNBS walk against sexual deviance in Ikoyi, Kylie Jenner getting to a billion dollars, Cardi B’s baby, the Otedola bridge fire and what we’re doing about it, how Nigeria left the world cup, and ‘Who do I make music for?’

It’s out for streaming and reactions on Kuwasiliana [Music branch at MoreBranches]

Listen Below:

Nasir Ahmed Achile

Philosophy nut. I recommend Albert Camus and Eckhart Tolle to everyone I know.

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