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There has been a lot of miscommunication about the New Age and I thought to write something about it. First off let us try to understand that we do not want a divide in the culture and the New Age is not for the ‘cool kids’ or whatever you might think. The ‘New Age’ was birthed from a place of great pain, depression, sadness, futile dreams, influenced by a reality we have all faced at some point in our lives living as Africans. Many of us think the New Age is a Generation of humans who have widespread access to the Internet from an early age, but that is not all there is, much more do not have access to that Internet we speak of.

The New Age represents hope for all most especially the incapacitated. It’s about documenting the changes we see going on. Heck, there’s a skating culture now and I didn’t even know about it till recently.

Some of us might not accept the fact that we are privileged beings pursuing our dreams in the comfort and expense of our parents who are very well to do and invest immensely in our dreams. Please let us not be ignorant by evading the simple truth; much more out there are struggling, they don’t have the privileges we enjoy, traveling around the world and schooling in prestigious colleges in the world. It’s a lot to wake up every day, big dreams, no finances to make it happen, to afford the basic needs of life, simple needs not wants. Many are plagued with this sort of reality and sometimes we do not acknowledge this reality.

The African millennials in the UK, US are different from millennials here in Africa, in Nigeria, building from ground zero. In simple terms, this translates to cultural discrepancies because your reality is not the same as every other, and somewhat gives a small group of people the power to define our culture, our way of life. We all form a crucial part of the culture we clamor for, it’s a lot of subcultures here in Nigeria man, the New Age is one trying to highlight them all, so we can properly understand what this culture truly stands for. It’s not about putting people in a box or defining them, it’s about liberating them, sparking different conversations and narratives with people of different backgrounds with a common goal/cause. It is an opportunity to make a stand as one nation, to define who we are, to appreciate elements of our culture, to really define it, what exactly does our culture hold and how can we ‘all’ be a part of it. It’s about documenting the changes we see going on. Heck, there’s a skating culture now and I didn’t even know about it till recently. Let’s be honest how many people are aware of this culture, and don’t you think much more would love to be aware, don’t you think they want to participate in this culture, contribute to it if possible?

Image by Stephen Tayo

I can tell you a lot of Nigerians, Africans don’t know about this skating culture, or the music culture, fashion culture, art culture, tech culture and all the other subcultures growing, it’s about taking this culture to them. It’s about breeding off subcultures in Nigeria, finding a balance amongst them. We are documenting this changes for ourselves, for us, this will be the history our children will talk about, the change, they will have references because we documented it. A lot is happening in Nigeria, Africa is more than a poverty-stricken nation and so many Africans do not know about these things. They need to see, they need to believe, we need to open their minds. If we don’t, it’s just gonna be a vicious cycle of life like the ones our parents lived. Those who know fail to educate the rest, they fail to carry them along.

It’s for that kid hawking on the street, its beacon of hope for him/her, anything is possible, more success stories. The New Age isn’t about some guy singing or his genre, it’s hope.

Yes, tweeting/writing articles isn’t the best possible way to talk about this, It seems little but it starts the conversation and keeps it ongoing because we need everyone to join in this conversation. It’s bigger than just us, it’s for everyone. You need to understand, there’s a change going on in Africa. Black is cool, Africa is rising.

There’s a revolution going on and it’s glorious. It’s magical, it’s so beautiful. I can say I want to create a fashion house as big as Gucci because I know people will buy my clothes, I know my idea will be appreciated, I know that no matter how fucked Nigeria and Africa as I can still find people, start-ups, articles, concepts that will allow me to achieve this dream. If you had this idea years ago or in our parent’s generation, it might not be possible. We have so much to our advantage, don’t ever forget or take our opportunities for granted.

Everything we’re doing now is not by chance, it’s a systemic growth that’s happened over many years of slavery, poverty, bad governance and suffering. The crazy part is people are still suffering, but we’re creating something amazing within this and that’s why it’s a NEW AGE AFRICA. It’s all of us doing different things, it’s not a fucking label or a box it’s a statement that says “Africans can do anything the world can do and ours will be ours.” It’s Africa’s era of manifestation, a lot of people will talk about this timeline of Africa, they will tell tales about the things we’re doing. It might be small to you but 40 years from now WafflesNCream and what they’re doing will be the inspiration to get a child out of the slums, a child who bought a knock off the skateboard, goes to a SkateJam and is seen by the world.

We’re doing it for the kids we say, they are a New Age. We’re creating all these structures to allow more means to an end, that end is uplifting Africa to more ways of finding happiness in life. Will you tell me this isn’t a new age? Please understand the cause we need all of us together. The white world, the westerners are so fucking mindfucked by Africa right now and they will come, they will try to take over again. This is our own territory, when they come to Africa they come at a NEW AGE ONE, THE WILL WRITE ABOUT A NEW AGE AFRICA. This is a documentation of our triumph as one doing whatever the fuck we want to do and owning Africa, owning the world all on our own terms. This is New Age Africa, ITS THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD.

The New Age is an umbrella for this change, something to know it by, it’s like the evolution of humanity through the eras, the Renaissance age, the Baroque Age, the Information Age, let the next frontier of humanity be the New Age.

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