Nigeria has now recorded 174 cases of COVID-19 in 13 states.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Nigeria has quadrupled in just less than a week. As more global tensions arise, Africa is also faced with the challenge of a broken healthcare system and countries are beginning to implement total shutdowns in an effort to enforce social distancing and flatten the curve.

In Nigeria, the government and other stakeholders have been preparing for a possible widespread outbreak. Meanwhile as testing capacity and contact tracing increases, more cases are been discovered and there are no signs that things may get better soon. Four states in the region are on total lockdown and more are expected to join as other states unravel index cases.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has confirmed 23 new cases bringing the total number to 174, recording 2 deaths and 9 recoveries. Lagos remains the country’s hotspot but the state government is taking proactive measures to deal with the virus. More isolation camps have been built, medical supplies have been distributed across hospitals, increased private sector participation and public spaces and surfaces are being sterilised.

  • Lagos – 91
  • FCT – 35
  • Osun – 14
  • Oyo – 8
  • Ogun – 4
  • Edo – 4
  • Kaduna – 4
  • Bauchi – 3
  • Enugu – 2
  • Ekiti – 2
  • Rivers – 1
  • Benue – 1
  • Akwa Ibom – 5

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