Nigerian Music Company Aristokrat Signs Publishing & Label Deal with UMG

Nigerian Music & Entertainment company Aristokrat, has recently announced it’ll be joining forces with music conglomerate UMG.

Artistokrat has grown in the last few years into one of the top music companies in Nigeria after getting its big break breaking out African Giant Burna Boy and other Nigerian stars like music producer Leriq, and rappers Mojeed & Ozone.

Aristokrat was founded in 2009 by Piriye Isokrari. After attending the University of Oklahoma, where he studied economics while co-hosting parties fusing Caribbean and African sounds, Isokrari returned to Nigeria with dreams of getting into the entertainment business.

The African-Nigerian industry is very artist-focused, artist-driven, and there are not enough proper business entities or institutions that as labels have succeeded or survived. We wanted to change that narrative and build a more sustainable long-term business out of the label business, which to date hasn’t been achieved in my opinion.

Isokrari says about turning Aristokrat into a full-service creative agency that generated revenues from everything from public relations to producing videos and podcasts, to organizing digital distribution and brand sponsorship campaigns.

According to Billboard, the Aristokrat Group will form a strategic partnership with UMG, which will consist of a label deal, and a publishing deal through Universal Music Publishing Group, executives involved in the joint venture. The partners plan to work together to develop new African talent and songwriters and then launch them into the global market. Aristokrat Records artists will be signed and distributed in partnership with Caroline France, a Universal Music France label.

Having this partnership with Aristokrat so far is the best way to have a real team there, that knows the country, knows the culture and is developing projects, but is not trying to imitate U.S.-[style] production. What most of our competitors started to do is to sign some artists in this region and the first thing they promise is to have some international success in the U.S., the U.K., or France. That is totally different from the way that we are talking to the artists and developing our business there. We really want to develop first a market in Western Africa.

says Olivier Nusse, the CEO of Universal Music France.

Aristokrat’s current roaster boasts of signings like Kel P, the Nigerian producer who worked with Burna Boy on his Grammy-nominated album African Giant, and with Wizkid on his recent EP, “SoundMan Vol 1″, Jujuboy Star, a Nigerian songwriter and producer, and T’neeya, a singer and songwriter from Cameroon.

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