‘Things of Me’ Editorial by Nola Black Exhibits the Brand’s Racy Monochrome Expression

Nola Black

For someone who is big on Yin Yang philosophy, its grip on our reality, and all things Zen; finding Nola Black was akin to a solemn introspection, I was immediately was attracted to the simplicity in monochrome and the way that single variable could be malleable, shifting through forms. The brand treads the line of minimalism for color and maximalism in style. About the brand’s peculiar aesthetic, designer and founder, Arinola had a few words to say;

“The essence of Nola Black seeks to find balance in extremes, creating a dynamic combination of contrasting elements – represented by producing soulful pieces predominantly in black and white.

We have a curiosity in the co-existence of light and colour. Black represents the absence of both and white, the presence. Their relationship forms the basis of our doctrine of harmony and balance”


In its bid to continuously produce authentic visuals and showcase its expressive clothing language, Lagos based Pret-a-porter womenswear brand, Nola Black [] has collaborated with budding creative and blogger Sandra [@zo.nna] in the first series of an on-going editorial series titled “Things of Me”.

Shot by fashion photographer OG [@asamaige], the novel editorial seeks to give an insight into this blogger’s life as a female creative by displaying material item[s] that shape her ideas, whilst also allowing her creative freedom to style two Nola Black pieces from the previously released SS18 collection “Olokun”.

Driven by this, this installment of the #NBThingsofMe edit showcases the subject, Sandra interacting with a major source of inspiration for her creative process. Staged on a wooden set, she is pictured in two Nola Black outfits that encapsulate the ethos of the brand – quirky, modern and emotional.

Nola Black is excited to present this collaboration featuring visuals with a fresh warm feel, trippy and expressive pieces. This editorial serves to draw a similarity between multilateral women creatives always out for new forms of self-expression.


Credits [Instagram]

Creative Direction: @arin_nolablack


Photographer: @asamaige

Subject: @zo.nna

PM: @ifedayo_

Video: @goldmanadele


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