Olamide Ademeso is building a multidimensional creative ecosystem


“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought”

Albert Einstein

Bound by a passion for creativity, Olamide “Lammy” Ademeso charted across fashion content creation, event management, being a personal assistant, marketer and salesperson. Now, as Product Manager at EMPIRE, Head of Operations at KVLT WRLD and passion projects, DIY COLLECTIVE and EVEN IN THE DAY

Beginning her career in school serves as an inspiration for young people in higher education to develop their skills and explore opportunities that help enhance their abilities. This talented creative has crafted an impressive portfolio by collaborating with artists like Victony, Bad Boy Timz, Cheque, Oxlade, and many more.

We sat with Lammy on a cool evening to discuss her early beginnings, encouraging factors around her and most importantly, how she delivers all her tasks. 

How did you venture into the music industry? 

I studied Economics in the university and while I was studying, I developed some interests in entertainment. I was involved in fashion content creation, event management with some of my friends in school. During those times, I was able to build relationships with people that were already in the music industry. 

When I finished my tertiary education in 2018, I moved back to Lagos, I stumbled upon a meeting which I was not actually meant to attend and met a talent manager alongside a few other people. They were discussing and since I already knew what they were talking about, I just chipped in some ideas and on the spot, I got a job offer; to be an executive assistant to a CEO of a company, I didn’t take the job immediately because I was still trying to get myself in order because I had just finished school, I was initially meant to be a makeup artist hence, it took me sometime to accept the job offer even though the slot was still vacant. 

Some months later, I took the job and I started out as her personal assistant and at some point, I started doing more project management tasks, setting up recording camps etc, so all these helped me to gather experiences in some spaces in the entertainment industry while I was working as her assistant. Right after that, I opened up to taking more jobs because I had friends in music/entertainment so when they knew I started working in music full time, offers started coming in. 

How has your experience been at EMPIRE and how did you join the team? 

I met Titilope Adesanya in 2020, I had been working with her on another project she runs; my job was content and playlist curation and because we had a built a solid work relationship, she needed some assistance on the administrative side of things at EMPIRE and I would help out with organizing events once in a while and sometime in 2021, I got an actual offer to join the team on the administrative level in regards to marketing and sales. 

In November 2021, that was when I joined the EMPIRE team and it has been an amazing journey so far! All the experiences I had gathered in 2018 & 2020, I could put to use the knowledge I had gotten into the real corporate world and that was what I was lacking at the time, an official job, I was more into freelancing. So working in an environment where there is room for growth, adequate facilities to bring visions to reality, I was able to bring visions to life when I joined EMPIRE. 

You also execute projects with Kvlt Wrld, what has been your most exciting experience (Victony)

With Kvlt Wrld, it’s like a passion project because it’s very dear to me because we started from scratch and people on the team were just finding their way around it. It’s been a great experience helping artists find their feet in the industry and also assisting the team find the right work structure and growth. 

It’s not also about managing the artist but handling project management of the company as a whole. Discovering new talents is also a major thing we do. Asides Victony, we have discovered some artists that we are rolling out now and have been developing for years. We’re also into managing DJs. 

It’s been an interesting experience because with my previous experiences, I wasn’t taking a leadership role but I was able to make use of my knowledge acquired from working with EMPIRE and other projects to now lead a team of my own with people I am really passionate about growing with at KVLT. 

How do you manage the multiple jobs you are assigned?

Personally, I like to be in control of tasks assigned to me. With work, I have figured out a structure where nothing is suffering for the other to grow. I have a to-do list and apps that help align me with my duties. It took me a while to build a structure but I know that once you get the job and it’s something you are passionate about, you will figure out a structure.

Filter what you take in, this is one major advice I give to younger ones because it’s very easy to get lost in this ocean that the music industry is, keep your head down. –

Lammy A

For someone who’s trying to venture into being a music executive, what are basic guides you would share? 

Though I might not be able to give guides based on my personal experiences but as a whole, I would say, build relationships and put in a lot of work. It’s easier now that we have some educational structures like MBA, DIY Collective that enlightens interested creatives about the music business. 

Before now, we did not have these structures in place. Also, network. Social media is a great platform to gain the knowledge you seek if you look the right way. Filter what you take in, this is one major advice I give to younger ones because it’s very easy to get lost in this ocean that the music industry is, keep your head down. Pick a focus and leverage on it, mentorship is also essential in remaining focused on your goals. 

Though I never had the traditional mentorship, I still had people I looked up to who would advise me. You need people/mentors who can call your name in places for others to discover you. 

Let’s talk about even in the day, what are major challenges you face or have faced while planning an event

Even In The Day was a fresh idea. There were no day-time parties on a large scale so one of the major challenges we had was to get people to understand the concept from the first announcement because we wanted a large gathering, so communication was a challenge at first. 

Funding has also been a hurdle with the event. We have grown from having a small community in 6 months to having a community of 10,000 youths with an average of 5000 attendees at each edition. Hence, catering for the large crowd has been challenging though we make it work at the end. Event culture in Nigeria is undoubtedly expensive and we are particular about the experience we give our audience. 

What was the initiative behind the DIY collective? 

This is an interesting one because I love talking about DIY collective. It started as a misunderstanding on what music industry entails on Twitter now known as X and with most people’s comments, I realized many people didn’t have a sound knowledge about music also there were others who were in the spotlight at moment but could not convert using their resources.

So I started the DIY collective to educate people and also provide resources they would need to facilitate their passion for the business. It was set up in a way that even though you had no idea about the music industry, you come through the DIY collective, get mentors who would guide you in the right path, get real life work experience and internships in companies. 

When you self reflect, what are things you are grateful for?

I would say for being very grounded in who I am as an adult. I grew up really fast as a teenager and I am very grateful I didn’t lose myself in the struggle. I’m also grateful for my friends because I am big on friendships and it’s a hill I’m ready to die on. 

Friendships have been the pillar of my life even though I am a very private person. My friends and I have an amazing understanding so they will always show up for me; I know I am loved at home and my friends are my home outside of my family. 

I am also grateful for my growth. The trajectory of my career has been interesting. Sometimes I look at my portfolio and see the range of people I have worked with and I am left in amusement. A major thing I am grateful for is the spirit of discernment, it’s one gift that has helped me in life and I am grateful to God. 

How best do you relax? Are you also taking your content creation /influencer career seriously?

Word on the street is that I don’t have a life outside my work but like I said, I’m a private person so when I’m not working which is rare, I am usually on my couch watching a movie or reading a book, that’s relaxation for me. I don’t listen to music when I want to relax. I also reflect and anytime I reflect about my life or week, it calms me down. I don’t really have a fun life as people think I do. 

For being an influencer, my friend owns an influencer management agency and she has been trying to indulge me but I don’t have the luxury of time to take on the role. Content creation comes easy to me because I am a lovable and creative person but I don’t see myself officially doing it. What I can do in influencing is to make others realize that they can chase after their dreams. I started TikTok because people were wondering why I am a Gen-Z yet I don’t make TikToks so I got involved, let’s call it guilty pleasure. 

Do you ever want to own a record label/ music distribution company? 

KVLT is a passion project and we are going to branch out into different sections but I don’t see myself owning a record label or a music distribution. I literally stumbled on music as I earlier stated, I was meant to be working in fashion and beauty so maybe I would start something in that category. 

What is next for Lammy? 

I intend to keep building everything I am working on and expanding my horizons beyond my imaginations. 

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