On their debut EP, “Grooviest Of All Time”, The Groovy Two are making it crystal clear that they really live up to their name.

In 2014, the musical journey of Nigerian rap duo, Babade Adesanya “$yfer” and Oreoluwa Quincy Adesanya “BIGBADCUBIX” started.They officially broke out with “The box” in 2017 and casted themselves as exceptional MCs that refuse to be confined. Now, they’ve grown immensely production wise with a signature cocktail of afrobeats and hip-hop/trap beats by producer and audio engineer, BIGBADCUBIX and lyrically with stronger cadence and braggadocios but conscious lyrics. Their sound can majorly be placed in part of West Africa’s alté community and Afrobeats that have recently attracted global attention as well as the world wide Hip-Hop scene.
The project starts off easy with “Gardens” that opens with a somewhat eerie yet captivating melody and then builds up with drums and soft chimes to a mid tempo bop that has the duo talking about their zero interest in stress and ultimate desire to always have a good time, “I no dey sabi talk too much, I just want the henny in my cup” while showcasing their lyrical abilities. This song sets the mood for the very evident thing that they are about for throughout the rest of the EP, grooviness.

“Slidin” has the duo a little more serenading and explicit as it starts of with mellow tunes of a piano and the feature, J4our with a lot of pillow talk “Say she like to be with me and tell me every single thing wey dey her mind / Do me all the things I like to try with ya / Baby bend over make i slide in ah”. This fusion of RnB with Afro-beats is the perfect anthem for youthful exuberance.

“Gidi Anthem” is just that a, head bopping song that explains a typical day in the coastal city of Lagos,Nigeria. This song celebrates everything about the cultural hotspot; from the never ending slow traffic to the exuberant nightlife making it just right for an anthem, “Rolling through the go slow/Bang Bang we hit em like it’s Tuesday,” The duo are rapping with pride on the catchy chorus “Wild wild west, come with me/ come to my city”. A mumbled female voice, hushed whispers of love confessions and percussion shakers introduce “Mamma”.
“Life can be dangerous that’s what I know now”, she sings. She’s heard throughout the song singing alluringly like a siren and she has them entrapped.
On this low tempo number, they take turns singing and rapping to her. “Mamma you’ll forever be my friend”, “I’ll do anything, any fucking thing to see that face again”. The track is closed off with rhythmic jingles and soft cymbals.

The last songs on the new EP are ushered in with more rhythmic jingles from their arsenal and the duo’s unfazed dedication to maintaining their vibe. “Cash up” is about the group’s determination to getting to the bag, a few throes that usually pop up in the process and celebrating the ones they’ve conquered : “Had to get money, I had to get money / When we had nothing we still made a way / All I wan see is the money my way / Iced up my neck and I iced up my wrist / Back to money, supply and demand / If it ain’t about the money, see you later”.
Closing out the song with a huge spin they feature fast rising rapper, Mojo who comes in as a critique raising questions about the essence of money and fame if it isn’t centered around helping others,makes controversial statements about the government, expresses his displeasure of people’s gullibility to religion and leaves with a few bars of inspiration all in true Mojo fashion.
On “Rx cookies” the duo talk about having a good time with explicit words : “I’m too high baby for me to fall off / Groove don’t stop/ Me and the bros smoked a couple of pounds / Touch me, tease me, don’t play me/ A’int worried about nothin”. Basically blunts and girls. Their lethal combination for a good time.
In the close to seven years since they put out their first single, The Groovy two have evolved to a more self aware place in their music, evident in the expansion of their lyricism and overall sound as well as in their fantastic pick for features. Confirming their refusal to be restricted in their debut single “The box”, this body of work shows their diversity with them constantly flipping and interpolating genres,flows,lyrics and even languages. The avidly titled E.P “Grooviest Of All Time” is an excellent merger of slick lyricism and chill melodic choices that give the most enthralling listening experience.

Stream “Grooviest Of All Time” on any platform worldwide.


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