Orange Culture x Davido
Davido and Adebayo Oke-Lawal (Founder of Orange Culture)

What The Orange Culture x Davido Collab Signifies

The Orange Culture X Davido collection was launched in London on 12th of September, distributed exclusively through Selfridges. This collaborative collection is unprecedented and it lays a solid footing for the cultural symbiosis between music and fashion. It will forever go down in history as it symbolizes a breakthrough in what will spark an endless conversation on the relevance of music in the fashion environment. While this sends a hearty welcome note, it is only right that we accentuate how it directly influences both scenes.

Some might argue that it is strangely odd how Orange Culture was able to curate a collection off Davido’s recent hit single ‘IF‘, and ponder on the underling message he intended to pass across with the collection. But hey, on the flip side it could be a collection revealing Davido’s staple looks and essentials.
Seemingly, the collection featured capsule silhouettes such as the bomber jacket, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies and convertible collared shirts.

A piece from the collection at Selfridges.

The launch of the collection in Selfridges London makes it somewhat inaccessible to music and fashion enthusiasts based in Africa but it certainly reveals the desired target audience.

Davido X Temi Otedola (Fashion Blogger) X Adebayo Oke-Lawal

Going forward, we hope to see more collaborative collections within the music and fashion scene to further strengthen the relationship.

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