#PhotoEssay: ArtHop Lagos.

Art gathers momentum as a functional ecosystem in Nigeria with more art-focused events and showcases springing up. ArtHop Lagos is the latest offering to the community of art lovers, assembling eight unconventional art spaces around Lagos to host exhibitions, performances, workshops and other special events all in one evening on the third Thursday of every month.

Baroque Age Studio, one of the studios selected for the ArtHop Lagos in partnership with #MoreBranchesOffline curated an art exhibition titled ‘Inject & Eject: A contemporary dance between the old and new age art forms‘.

It’s an idea of placing the spectrum of art being done by the young flames right now in contrast to the more established names on the scene, a showcase of the dance between the old and how it inspires the new. – Adedayo Laketu, Curator of Inject & Eject.

It was a swell exhibition filled with art from creators like filmmaker/photojournalist Chukwukwa Nwobi, Art Director Ose Adeniyi, and performances from BarelyAnyHook and saxophonist AJ.


Images by Lenny Azetal.



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