#PhotoEssay: Negro Swan, a visual introspection of the African woman

African representation is more important than anything now as we appear more in global media for different reasons, our voice has been amplified and we need to take advantage of that by curating content made through visuals inspired by different cultures and directions being birth out of the new age to disrupt the system.

Cheche Uduma, is a young Nigerian stylist, Creative Director & Muse, with the help of visual storyteller Jimi Agboola they’ve created a unique set of visuals called ‘Negro Swan’, a visual introspection of the African woman capturing their beauty, existence, and charm.

This project is translated as “Black swan” which was inspired by Blood Orange’s song titled “Negro Swan”. It’s about the black females and an honest look at black existence where to us blacks we seem them as pure *hence the white dress* but what people see is just their inner black mind/self *hence the black underwear* The environment and feel were set to make things look real and out of the box kinda feel. – Cheche Uduma.

Photographed by Jimi Agboola

Styled by Cheche Uduma

Model: Cara of Zane Models


Internet company reaching young Africans Worldwide, from Africa.

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