Prettyboy D-O and Santi star in ‘Pull Up’

It’s been five months since Prettyboy D-O dropped his debut EP ‘Everything Pretty‘, it’s one of the unforgettable moments in the sunless Alté – Shepeteri age of Nigerian Twitter. Of all the songs on the EP which included Chop Elbow, Terminate and Footwork, ‘Pull Up’ and its visuals which featured Santi sparked various dialogue around the message it sends. Many feel it was overly savage while others think it’s a fake-deep show inspired by Santi’s mien in the video.

This song is an anthem for anyone who is struggling and feeling intimidated by the world. I’m basically telling people to fuck off cause we’re ready for war. When Santi heard it, he insisted on jumping on it, so we could create an anthem for people to hear and just feel gassed about themselves.I’ve been making music since 2012, and this is me in my best possible form. This is the height of my ability for now, and I really love this song.”What D-O Said.

Even before the full drop, the teaser video already inspired trends, memes, the discourse around counterfeit Nollywood and gang violence. For myself, I think the Ademola Folomo-directed video breaks rank, it sells prime jauntiness and liberation. It’s a kill!

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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