Prettyboy D-O’s Energetic Performance on COLORS is What You Need Today. Watch Here

If you’re a follower of the Berlin-based YouTube channel Colors, and their music show that serves as a launchpad for exceptional artists from all around the globe, then you’ll know that Prettyboy D-O was recently selected as the channels next music guest.

Prettyboy D-O’s edition of the live show premiered today and D-O came with all the energy to give a vigorous performance. Simultaenously premiering a new song which according to the artist was recorded just two months ago.

The new song produced by DOZ & Hvrry touches on his growth as an artist, as well as the state of living in his home country Nigeria, a country facing terrible governments, corruption, and police brutality.

D-O joins the list of Nigerian artistes to perform on Colors Studio such as Tiwa SavageRema and Wurld. 

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