Scientists believe Africa may divide into two, creating a new ocean between

In 2005, a 35-mile-long rift up to 25 ft wide suddenly split open the desert ground in the Afar region of Ethiopia for over a period of 10 days. Later in 2018, scientists discovered another large crack stretching several miles in length in southwestern Kenya as a result of heavy downpours. According to National Geographic, the origin of the crack is located in a region known as the East African Rift Valley, and it measures more than 50 feet in depth and 65 feet across.

Till today, the ‘tear’ continues to cut across more parts of the continent thereby causing abnormal seismic activities in many areas. The reason for this strong belief is that the Arabian, Nubian, and Somali tectonic plates underneath the continent are expected to rip apart so much that Africa will literally be divided and a new ocean will form. But this will, however, take between five and ten million years so it’s really not your business, we just thought it was an important forecast worth noting.

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