The funniest ‘tweet like someone in the bible’ tweets so far

Even though Twitter can be aggravating a lot of times, it’s no secret that the bird app is one of the rarest places to still catch a laugh or forget one’s sorrows. Not even the pandemic, Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ theatrics or Buhari’s government social media tyranny can stop the fun.

Tweeters are always quick to come up with trends, challenges or memes that aren’t just funny for the sake of it, but can also teach us a thing or two, just like the Vogue challenge exposed the beauty and creativity of African models content creators; millennials are casting their minds back to the days of Sunday school and old bible tales they grew up on. In response to @itsNyaWan’s tweet, they are responding with memes and videos mimicking real life episodes of what it means to have existed in those times. Not even Jesus was spared; this is type of content shouldn’t be free–– why’s jack stressing himself over second quarter earnings?

We have selected some of the best responses so far. Be rest assured that if you are just seeing this, your day is about to get a whole lot better. Let’s Go!

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  1. jy doll トップ10の最も有名なアジアのセックス人形セクシーな小さなお尻日本のセックス人形私は私のセックス人形でこすり落とすことができますか?人生をより良くするためにダッチワイフを買う

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