The African Union is Being Chaired by an Authoritarian Prick


Abdel Fattah Al-sisi has been elected as the chairperson of the African Union with his 1st Vice Chairperson being Cyril Ramaphosa [President of South Africa] and 2nd Vice Chairperson Felix Tshisekedi [President of the Democratic Republic of Congo] at its 32nd Ordinary Session in Ethiopia.

Almost a decade after the draconian rule of former president Hosni Mubarak, a new subversive leader took power in light of change but it seems that his rule will further truncate development in Egypt. 

President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi was elected in May 2014, after the 7 months protest over former president, which began after his government announced a temporary constitutional declaration that in effect granted the president unlimited powers. In 2018, he was re-elected for his second term which had hidden agendas. 

In retrospect, it appears that Egypt is considerably worse off today than it was 8 years ago. on the other hand, Sisi’s supporters argue that the state is doing better than it was before he took over proffering that the economy, infrastructural development, and international stature have improved.

As President al-Sisi struggles to hold on to power,increasingly relying on lawmakers to legalize his behavior as the regime attempts to circumvent the rule of law to institutionalize authoritarian rule. 

Measures to tackle this authority crisis include reforms of the Egyptian constitution that would retrospectively expand the presidential terms to 6 years, meaning that Sisi would be in power till 2024 rather than 2022. 

Proposed amendments are also set to drastically reduce the size of parliament, and to oversee the creation of a “High Council for the Protection of the Constitution” that comes with a unique catch: Sisi would head it for life regardless of whether or not he remains president. 

All the while, the security apparatus has already been granted expanded authority to control civil society with little to no oversight, triggering humanitarian concerns.

“Our work must continue to improve peace and security in Africa in a holistic and sustainable manner,” Sisi said. 

“Mediation and preventive diplomacy will remain one of the priorities of the African Union. Counter- terrorism requires the identification of those who support and finance it and combating them collectively. While we are aware of the difficulty and complexity of the struggle, this remains the only appropriate way to uproot terrorism and eradicate it.”

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