The Ghanaian parliament decides to end the death penalty

The death penalty was abolished in Ghana by a resolution of the country’s parliament on Tuesday, making Ghana the most recent country in Africa to do so.

According to a parliamentary committee report, the new bill will change the state’s Criminal Offences Act to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment. The measure still needs President Nana Akufo-Addo’s approval before it can go into effect.

176 people were reportedly on death row as of the year prior, according to the Ghana prisons department, despite the fact that no one has been put to death executed in Ghana since 1993.

Francis-Xavier Sosu, the lawmaker who introduced the bill, called it “a great advancement of Ghana’s human rights record.”

The death penalty has been abolished in 29 African nations, including Ghana. Zambia, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, and the Central African Republic are some of the most recent African nations to abolish the death penalty in the past two years.

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