The Monster Home.

I remember the first day Thompson [ Visual Storyteller & Director of Baroque Age ] took me to GMK’s house, we drove over in Tonero’s [ a Nigerian music creative and producer ] car. It was something I couldn’t explain, that was the same day I left my house and decided to be free for my own damn self. It was a day to remember, the order, the euphoria, the family they’ve formed in this home. It was all monumental to me, we listened to music, we got high, we had conversations about the culture. It was good listening to their minds expressed.


Ozzy B, a magician mixed with taste levels of an art connoisseur one who’s art mixes music, games and films, you could tell there was a distinct difference about him. There’s a lot of things you couldn’t understand unless he explained them to you; he wasn’t saying it to impress you rather he was on his own wave, he saw the world uniquely.

I don’t know what about him was so innocent, it felt like the world was crying for him to be more, navigating his way through this truth as expressions of music, art, maybe films some day soon. Then was GMK, the legend and mastermind behind this homely world, it was his house so it made perfect sense. He was the joker of the bunch, very happy he was. He was ever calm and comical about everything but one thing counted, one thing made him come alive, he never joked about the music. Music gave him this joy and he seemed determined to never let go, it’s crazy. I’ve never seen someone so gifted and conscious about his gift.


Later as we hit a new high, Zamir LOS came in and he simply was a mix of Ozzy B and GMK. That sounds odd but that’s exactly what it is, you could sense the knowledge and information which came with his years being an artist but also the free and comic heart of someone who’s seen a lot in life, joy is all he can show right now. Odunsi [  a young friend of the team ] was quiet that day, not saying anything only a few drops of statements varying from Making music, to an idea they had for a video but you knew his mind was always working on something. He had to leave early, home duties.

Just being around them all was something that I felt privileged to experience, I was allowed into their world and there was more but let’s fast forward to present day. I’m at Magodo again, this time with Thompson and his friend, Sanjo. The plan was, hit magodo pick up Falomo, a young buzzing filmmaker and Odunsi (everyone knows him), then drive to Lekki to shoot Odunsi’s video (can’t release information on the song).


Getting there, Odunsi was in Lekki and Falomo hadn’t left his house (somewhere distant from Magodo to be precise), leaving us in the midst of another “Day at GMK’s”. It started easily with Thompson still upset about the confusion of today’s shoot, on the phone making phone calls while he texted a friend requesting for locations on his next shoot scheduled the next day. I found myself hanging around, silently soaking in the vibes which started with Zamir passing us some green that got vaporized in the absence of Ozzy B of course, cause he was having a shower.


The day went by, we had more green and I caught more brilliance of these individuals in their innate habitat. With Ozzy B back in our midst, he started with a spar on a film he’s working on while talking to Sanjo, a young filmmaker from Nigeria, a film themed off Larry Clark’s ‘Kids’, he spoke about the characters with the movement of an artist explaining his piece, he was proud of his idea and wanted to create with intensity. We discussed plans, ideas came pouring out. This passion project meant a lot to Ozzy, a feeling he confirmed when he told us he’d be taking a break off music to work on the film.

We head out and relax with on the porch GMK, Thompson, Ozzy, Sanjo and myself (Zamir comes in later.) all happy kids living in the moment. GMK always playful, I like his fire. His attention to life, he seemed to hear/feel something no one ever did and it was peculiar. Randomly spazzing into beat flows from a project he’s working on or screaming out a line from one of the many songs he’s produced for his collective mates in Monster Boy or friends and these days from his own discography.

Ozzy B.

Thompson always playful too, looking fresh as fuck in his pink tee making everyone feel alive and unified, everything was a camera angle to this young man. Zamir focused on his phone most of the time, talking and joining in our conversation when he needed to, he had an aura of someone not to be messed with at the same time someone you could bond with easily over a cold bottle of henny. I captured that feeling, something they’ve seemed to recreate every-time I go to GMK’s home, it’s a feeling of freedom, a cocoon of ideas ranging from film, art, music, and fashion. It’s a bunch of young visionaries doing new things created from their dreams, it was beautiful. It was a good day as it came to an end, I felt part of the family this time.

Having more conversations with the young Africans creating a future for themselves, a team of men filled with confidence in what they do. I was in awe of their haven. Monsters Boys are something the world would never forget, and their friends, all one. big family. The conversations, these young Africans creating a future for themselves, a team filled with confidence in what they do, I was in awe of their haven. This is my story, a recollection of emotions felt the few moments I visited “The Monster Home” as I call it.



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