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We may not all have the same taste in music, but we can definitely agree on one thing: smoking pot and listening to tunes is the greatest combination since peanut butter and marshmallows.

The role artistes play in alienating cultures and social extremism is no longer a bone of contention, from lyrics to videos, stage performances to the fashion, every music body is beginning to design his/her own genes for the cult followership.
In Nigeria, following the recent bloom of the AFROTRAP collectives and the elements of their outreach, there’s one man to be singled out of the crowd, he’s the green lantern with a 4K mob, the guy with the twisted aesthetics and the ever confident trapper, Nakie the god.
We took a ride into the Hennessy crooner’s life and it ended up as a reflection of euphoric interactions:

Richard: For you Nakie, why did you choose music, has it always been a thing?

Nakie: Yeah. Basically music has always been what i dreamed of doing as a living existence.

Richard: Your style is far from different, people who’re looking closely can attest to to the fact that you’ve a strong influence on your peers, what’s your magic?

Nakie: Brother, God is my Magic honestly!

Richard: Everybody says that. Which genres of music do you listen to, who and what influences your style?

Nakie: I listen to lots of Travis scott, Flatbush zombies, young thugga & burna boy. All these mans made a huge impact influencing my sound.

Richard: What’s your take on youth, freedom and drugs?
I mean, ‘How can I love you when I love marijuana’ is a line that stuck deep after listening to your debut EP.

Nakie: Youths are free to express themselves to any extent and also do drugs with the purpose of working and creating for a larger audience to appreciate. It isn’t meant to be a social disorder.
I think we should stop judging the fact that youths do drugs and all but look at the brighter side. Most times, drugs also help you dig.. it enhances thinking hormones and deepens the mind therefore creating illusions that normally won’t be understood.
There’s more to doing drugs than most people understand.

Richard: I’d agree with you that drugs opens up the mind to a degree of consciousness man.

Nakie: Don’t judge a druggy or smoker by its cover tend to look at the inner pages of greatness and discover lots of things you can ever imagine (lmao)
Well, that’s just how i feel, it’s really crazy though.



Richard: I really like this feeling! As the person I am, I think that the world has evolved to a point where individuals should be given the liberty to express themselves in whatever way. So many kids out there want to do great stuff but society doesn’t permit, society wants you trapped in the confines of its dictatorship and its crazy.
What message do you pass with your music and where do you see your music going?

Nakie: To be honest I thought about all these and broke all this chains of bondage and started making my music from my heart
Music is a feeling and also, music is mood. The youth of nowadays are all jiggy and following the trends now trap and afro vibes is every man’s thing.
I would say my music is made to get you up your feet and just let out every pint of craziness in you.
Also i try to connect with druggies and smokers because we all are humans, there should be no discrimination or segmentation, we’ve to be able to connect with each other if you’re understanding me.

Richard: People who have vibed to 4K will definitely shout to this, man Hennessy is a wave!

Nakie: The measure of responses I got from that work is really inspiring. I’m glad guys want to be free and conscious.
As for where I see my music going; I see me going way up into the international market in a couple seconds, the future holds nothing less than Greatness for me and my team 4OOOMOB.
Big credits to Jesse Allordiah, Boystoner & BigFoot for the Hennessy project!

Richard: There was a festival last weekend and seeing how the whole mob ganged you up during your performance was fun to watch. What’s next for you?

Nakie:There’s really a lot right now. Working on the visuals for Hennessy which is gonna be directed by Theophilus King! I’m really so hyped about that. Also, a bag full of shows lined up all through the year and more coming.
I’ve a new EP as you all know
Switching up with some afro sounds and teaming up with more talented acts. All I gotta say is 4K gonna take over the world any minute from now. Watch your clocks, it’s a time bomb.

Richard: Well, the music scene is hella crazy right now; seems like the new oil. But the truth stands, there are good vibes and also mediocre ones, what’s your take?

Nakie: I wouldn’t call any act mediocre. What i gotta say is the really talented acts would get the best blessings and recognitions they deserve (hahahaha)



Richard: Are you ever going to trade your style for anything?
No matter how big?

Nakie: My style definitely would get me all the big things i need.. so no trading needed. It’s Nakie, always will be.

Richard: Talking about the future, anyone you dream to work with?

Nakie: I’ll love to work with
Burna boy, Travis scott, MEECH and flatbush Zombies.

Richard: Time to go personal. The guy we don’t know, paint a world we’re certainly unaware of.

Nakie: Nakie is a versatile artist who enjoys watching cartoons and also draws. I produce, most of my songs are freestyled.
I enjoy making music because that’s what 15 hours a day. You heard but on morebranches first, I’m starting a cartoon show titled

Richard: Year 4000, that’s way more than Donald Glover took us! What are your expectations for the emerging culture of the new age? Kids coming up with creative spills moving Africa forward.

Nakie: Yeah we all about pushing Africa forward and I’m so excited for the future. I believe in my team because it’s a good mix of creatives, 4OOOMOB is on the verge of bringing AFRICA to the world. We all in the work phase right now, Africa’s future is bright because 4K and the whole other working agents are gonna bring us out to our deserved limelight OUR. I really love what Morebranches is doing, blessings to all.



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