#UndergroundShuffle: New music from Sal Ly, Tonee C, RnB Princess, Zamorra & More.

#UndergroundShuffle playlist on Morebranches has been giving voices to upcoming creators. We have been spotlighting amazing records from underground acts. #UndergroundShuffle helps you sift through songs from talented underground acts cutting across various genres and through Africa with our playlist every Wednesday. This week’s release promises an offering of delectable sounds soothing for the soul with good listening pleasure.

Tonee C, debuts his 2022 project “Stardust” recently and the song “Love Is A Drug” accompanied by Geoxpress, alludes to the power of love. Keziah Mallam’s mellow “Basira,” evokes many emotions and also talks about her personal life and more.

Zamorra’s Amapiano Ozedikus produced “Johnny Walker” explores his love intentions towards his woman. Also, the tracks put his lustful interest forward as he promises to keep moving forward like Johnny Walker, perhaps making the prominent liquor brand become a personality to imitate. Sal Ly’sForvr,” carries captivating melodies. With an inextinguishable vocal allure, she shines very brightly with the record. The female songstress rides smoothly unfolding personal issues and more.

Other notable releases this week include songs from The Kazeez feat. Oladapo, Straffitti, RnB Princess feat. Misterkay, Ashidapo, Interludetheartiste, and more.

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