#UndergroundShuffle: Spotlights new music from David Meli, Keziah Mallam, Danny Brace, DayOnTheTrack, & More

#UndergroundShuffle playlist on Morebranches spotlights amazing records from underground acts. We at MoreBranches help you sift through amazing songs from talented underground acts cutting across various genres and through Africa with our playlist every Wednesday. Seat back, and relax as we walk you through a couple of these amazing records and their creators. This week’s releases offer good listening pleasure.

David Meli taps WhoisAkin for the smooth delivery of his fourth 2022 love-inflected single titled “Officer.” The R&B and pop-infused track see Meli and Akin shares the same interest. They talked about their woman and described themselves as officers ready to mount their lovers. For the UK-based Nigerian songstress Keziah Mallam, she delivers another track with a strong message on “Hope,” she renders softly on the mild tempo track to motivate listeners that things would get better.

As Danny Brace debuts a potential banger with his 2022 song titled “Ro (Sefina).” He carefully talks about his love interest launching with ease on the Amapiano and logs drum Influenced sounds. Danny Brace had an immaculate delivery of the song. As we round up this week on Underground Shuffle with DayOnTheTrack’sSenorita.” The artiste/record producer blessed us with such an amazing love song.

As other notable releases, this week includes songs from Nene, Hermez feat. Mauimoon, Keema X, Romi, LK feat. Stevoxcv, Bowale, Xdeoye, Stretto feat. Dr Karmma, Sadaeya, and more.

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