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Kwesi Arthur is a 22 year old Ghanaian rapper. He is signed under the Ground Up Chale imprint where he started music professionally and released his debut EP – Live from Nkrumah Krom on 23 April, 2017.
Kwesi started life in more difficult conditions than his peers so much that he couldn’t further education at a point because his parents couldn’t afford it. Fast forward, he’s here and he has music to thank for it. Could be the reason he likes to perform shirtless. Who knows?

For someone that has no job aside the music, he knows he has to work very hard to make money to fend for himself, his family and those he cares for. To tell his story, he recruits someone he has a connection with a producer/recording artiste, KaySo who has worked with high profiles in the Ghanaian music industry and they equallyprove their place amongst the country’s brightest emerging stars. Both from Tema, same neighborhood that spawned Sarkodie and R2Bees….wait, something is in the water.

Live from Nkrumah Krom Art.

On the 17-minutes long Live from Nkrumah Krom – EP, he takes the listeners on a journey of his life, his ambitions and yes, faith as evidenced in the opening track where he begins his story with the Jay Fyn and KaySo produced “Ade Akye”, a song about growth, about himself. He narrates he was so broke he couldn’t afford poison to kill himself. He asked himself over a dark, humming interlude;

What be the price of life when you ain’t got shit
Hustle Chale. Nah, I can’t live like this.

He then went on to detail his desire to succeed admitting those around him feed off his energy and work ethic in the second part,

Feel high anpa, dreams help takeoff
Kwaadwefo na cda ma ne so no, me I get up.’
[ Meaning it’s a lazy man that sleeps until he’s satisfied. But I get up to keep grinding even when I’m tired ]

Such is the tact and depth of the opener.
But he’s still alive and he’s grateful for God’s grace. Moreover, since the sun is up shining, Kwesi will shine.

Kwesi continues to tell his survivor story on “Free”. He discussed how he planned to navigate his way to the top by doing things his way without seeking acceptance from anyone. He knows he has gotten nowhere in life yet but at least he’s got his feet off the ground. Venting about outgrowing friends and how he has a lot of weight on him while staying true to his originality likewise displaying lyricism and his singing ability on the shortest track on the EP.

A buzzing hit single in a class of its own, “Grind Day” is first of all a trap song. A greater way of detailing Kwesi’s affinity of working hard over a menacing trap beat made him a fixture everywhere, from car stereos to making people lean and dab when DJ spins it at the club.
Kwesi Arthur details everyday struggles, how he’s been working sun down to sun up and how grinding alone has been his source of money on a hard-hitting production by KaySo.
He explains;

I ain’t saying that I’m Jesus
But I got to feed more than five thousand
I’m just trying to eat
Mo mma me lobster
I taya plus the one man thousand.


The Tema upstart’s spazzy, high-octane bars is so contagious he’s getting applause from rappers at the top. He has hustled, Chaley go chop.

Riches breed friends and hardship births loneliness is what the Ground Up Chale act preaches in the 4th single off his debut EP. “Back on the Wall” is a track that demonstrates KaySo and Kwesi’s brilliance and versatility as Kwesi sings flawlessly on the Afrobeat production where he discussed resentments and jealousy. However, KaySo ensured the drums, piano, sax instrumentals and backing vocals do most of the reflections for him. Making the melodious and relatable track live-band ready and a fan favorite.

Is this is a lesson (Ooh my God)
Or e be destiny
Is it my destiny
Show me a sign (Ooh my God).

The Tema-based rapper then asks repeatedly on the DushaBillions and KaySo produced closer “Devil Knocking”. He is a firm believer in God as revealed throughout the EP and he seeks direction, guidance and divine back-up before he losesresilience. The toned down track has Kwesi voicing his frustration sorrowfully as he gives listeners a peek of his current battles, leaving us with a perfect closer.

On the incredible Live from Nkrumah Krom – EP, Kwesi Arthur tells stories about his rough beginnings, and now that he is here, how he won’t stop hustling to the top with a spread of his faith on it. At just 5-track, the EP is ultimately focused on painting a picture of street voice, a boy from Nkrumah Krom and is concise enough to detain the attention of listeners leaving them to anticipate several of his works to come.
At the end, LFNK hasn’t just accomplished something by notifying everyone what Kwesi has got in the armory to survive in the game; it has introduced Ghana and Africa to Kwesi Arthur and one would expect his fan base to creep out of Ghana and amass in other parts of the continent.
A success without a doubt.

Special thanks to:
Daniella Akuaa.

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