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Voices Of Music : Rookie SBK ‘I Wrote A Song About You…’

There’s good stories and bad stories too“, first line that starts this new experience while listening to this Rookie SBK single ‘I Wrote A Song About You..‘, and I find it completely relaxing as his verses sing out to the stars, he calls on his love, I call for my soul.
Music is about an emotional connection, a feeling to something you can relate to, be it pain, desire and love was a strong emotion in particular on this project.
Rookie SBK sang smoothly as he called for his lover, head over and ‘connected with their mind’s eye’.
A style is carved as his music forms a persona within his vocals, you feel drawn into his interpretations of love.

I haven’t listened to much of Rookie SBK who actually has a large catalogue of music on his SoundCloud page and it’s impressively curated, centered around a 37 Track body of work he released last year called ‘Songs I Made For Blue‘ which starts with ‘Legacy‘, a song stating his goals and ambitions with the music path he’s chosen, it’s a beautiful project showcasing his flexible music artistry nearing perfection like a knife being sharpened for a future of slaughter.
I was alarmed to know a young African mind with a ‘voice of soul‘ was out here doing his thing and wasn’t on everyone’s playlist, utterly disappointed with myself but I’m happy I could redeem all my ignorance by giving way to this beautiful new single, now let go and dance to the tune.

Have a listen :


Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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