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Voices Of Music: Nigerian singer Efe Oraka releases her most important single yet, ‘Nigerian Dream’

Melody Murder, Efe Oraka is definitely something mystical in the Nigerian music industry, from her viral videos matchup of popular songs to her debut single Wonderland, her voice always stands out as something uniquely dynamic from her contemporaries with songwriting skills that engulf her listeners through her lovely rhythmic flow. Her journey so far has been graceful to watch.

After much teasing and a long wait from her previous single, the songstress released a new track from upcoming album Magic, titled ‘Nigerian Dream‘.

Artwork by Duks.

The song release yesterday discusses important topics plaguing the Nigerian society and acts as a call for introspection and conscious dialogue within everyone. It’s safe to say this might be her most relevant song yet, coming at a time the country seems more depressed and broken than ever, it’s emboldening to create a song with such substance going against the mainstream direction of what music in Nigeria speaks on currently.

We’re so sad
But we’re living the Nigerian dream
We’ve been had
But we look so happy or so it seems
With hypocritical smiles
Fake fake laughs
We’ve reached the all-time low…
We’re so sad
But we’re living the Nigerian Dream…

Her vocals drifting through the piano inspired the production with back up vocals from fellow Abuja native Tay Iwar, Efe’s narrative is stuck lingering as we all search for the answers of what the Nigerian Dream is, ‘From this Nigerian Dream, I hope we wake up…‘ she shares on the song’s SoundCloud page.

Listen to Nigerian Dream below:


Feature photo by Fifoluwa Adebakin

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