WafflesNCream Releases ’17 Dry/Harmattan Collection

Perusing through the Dry/Harmattan ’17 collection, could not stop myself from falling in love with the minimalism and ‘rawness‘ of the collection both design wise and in its presentation.
On deeper contemplation you will understand that this release is definitely more than just a collection celebrating the growing community of skaters and surfers in Nigeria but it has been able to articulate cultural disparities and a need for its fusion while aiming for inclusivity.

But first let us appreciate the fact that the collection was labeled according to the relevant season applicable to the Nigerian environment (Dry/Harmattan, Wet season). Common we’ve been weary of the usual four seasoned collection that we cannot relate to.

The collection featured t-shirts emblazoned with quotes like ‘common corruption’ and ‘put the fear of God in them’, almost a subtle way to underscore bribery and corruption which has eaten deep into our system so let’s put the fear of God in them (also possibly an undertone to the famed streetwear brand). It also featured convertible collared shirts in the traditionally owned south-west fabric, Adire in yellow, pink and blue.

‘OUR LADY SHIRT’, ‘UNDOER SHIRT’; two looks that caught my attention from the collection. From the french quotes and baroque paintings on the shirts it is implied that the collection also identifies the deep rooted impact religion has in our culture.
The shirts featured baroque painting of ‘Mary, Undoer of knots’ by Johann Georg Melchior Schmittner with French quotes like protege ‘Moi-protect me, tu Es mon refuge assure’ translated as ‘for you the lord are my refuge’ and also a painting of Saint Rita of Cascia, patron saint of the impossible, abused wives and widows.

Also in the collection were two trousers sewn the Ankara Fabric with a rope fastener at the buttom. What makes the trouser peculiar isn’t the use of Ankara fabric but the introduction of individuality with WFLSNCRM embellished horizontally on the trouser.

Wafflesncream is exploring easy and minimalistic streetwear with sensibility, purpose and value. With this collection, they’re channeling through fashion statements reflecting ethos going on in their environment without sacrificing design.

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