Yahoo is reading your mails and this is how to stop it

I haven’t used my Yahoo mail in ages, I bet it’s me with you but hey! abandoning Ymail to spam, has if anything, increased its value, but this isn’t a new thing. According to Wall Street Journal, Oath – Yahoo’s parent company is now pitching a service that would analyze the contents of emails belonging to Yahoo’s 200 million email users, for advertisers. Just like the Google case, while users had consented to share their data with third parties, it wasn’t clear that it would actually be humans reading the emails and now, Yahoo is doing the same thing.

No-one really uses their Ymail account for personal emails any more, do they? Well, to Yahoo, that’s actually a good thing.

According toDoug Sharp; OATH’s vice president, users shouldn’t be surprised that email providers would glance over private messages because “Email is an expensive system, I think it’s reasonable and ethical to expect the value exchange if you’ve got this mail service and there is advertising going on.” WSJ noted that users who pay monthly for the ad-free Yahoo Mail experience would also have their emails scanned.

How to stop Yahoo from using your data to sell ads?

Users of both the free and paid versions of Yahoo Mail can opt out of ad tracking through Yahoo’s Ad Interest Manager. In the “Your Advertising Choices” section, you’ll be able to opt out of Yahoo’s tracking. You’ll have to hit two opt-out buttons: one under both the “across the web” and “on Yahoo” sections.

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