YIAGA’s #NotTooYoungToRun bill makes history in Nigeria!

YIAGA is a youth-based non-governmental organization that promotes democratic governance, human rights, and youth political participation. YIAGA’s ethos is based on in-depth research, capacity development, and public policy advocacy. The organization has carved a niche for itself as one of Nigeria’s frontline youth civil society organization promoting participatory democracy, human rights, and active civic participation. Since their inception in 2007, they’ve stood and fought for a Nigeria that gives room for a younger demographic to be in charge, to have their voice heard, using innovative ideas to promote a new direction. They can be proud of their work so far as the Nigerian government greenlights one of their most elaborate projects to date, #NotTooYoungToRun.

“In a few days to come, I will be joined by many promising young Nigerians to sign into law the ‘Not Too Young To Run’ bill,” said the president in a speech on Tuesday to mark Democracy Day in Nigeria.

The bill reduces the minimum age for presidential candidates from 40 to 35, and senators and state governors from 35 to 30. The minimum age for national and state assembly members will now become 25.

The change comes after a more conscious Nigerian generation Z became aware of the gerontocracy being done by the government voicing their complaints to enforce a change which took place in the Senate, the bill scaled through the two arms of the parliament and at least 26 state assemblies last year after lawmakers remodeled certain sections of the country’s framework.

There’s been much unrest in the last three years since the Buhari administration has taken power, but be rest assured his political cabinet is quick to take little victories like #NotTooYoungToRun as a win brought in by their system when really they’ve not implemented much of their promises to the people as his term comes to an end. Typical of the fractured system, President Buhari has lately become more open, speaking more publicly than he’s done in the last few years all because he’s about to run for a new term and needs the vote of the people he’s abandoned for multiple ‘health trips‘ abroad. An opinion poll conducted by a prominent civic group Center for Democracy and Development put Buhari’s approval ratings on corruption fight, security and economy at 40 percent, down from 57 percent last year.

President Buhari added during his speech: “Like I have always said if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will destroy the country. Three years into this Administration, Nigerians and the international community have begun to applaud our policies and determination to fight corruption. We are more than ever before determined to win this war, however hard the road is. I, therefore, appeal to all well-meaning Nigerians to continue to support us in this fight. We have retained the services of one of the world’s leading assets tracing firms to investigate and trace assets globally. This is in addition to the exploitation of provisions of existing treaties, conventions as well as bilateral agreements with multilateral bodies and nations. Nigeria has also signed Mutual Legal Assistance Agreements to ensure that there is no hiding place for fugitives.

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