Through The Lens: WavyTheCreator is a ‘shaku shaku’ enthusiast in new video!


2018’s music culture in Lagos is known for one thing and one thing only, the street dance that took Nigeria by storm. ‘Shaku Shaku‘ originated in the rural areas of Lagos, championing a new wave of culture that’s affected everything from fashion, music, culture, art, and more. The dance move has given new life to the street culture of Lagos which is sometimes excluded from the mainstream values of the youths.

WavyTheCreator is one of the creatives we admire, she’s never afraid to experiment with new mediums, ideas, individuals and well, ‘Shaku Shaku‘. It’s hard to ignore the wave of the moment and she definitely owned it in her own way with her new song and video of the same name.

Adding a layer of Afro-Electronic music produced by Le Mav, a member of 80Sounds music collective, together they’ve given birth to a new layer of the Shaku Shaku sound. Released about a week ago, Wavy’s ‘Shaku’ is already blasting through the airwaves and now she owns our screens with the release of a viral video that’s minimal, colorful, delicate and filled with Wavy showing off her Shaku Shaku skils, one the streets will be proud of if they give her a watch. The video was shot in two locations, both filled with friends all vibing and giving their best offerings of Shaku Shaku.

Watch Wavy’s Shaku below:

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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